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Changde, A Pregnant Woman Trapped In A Residential Elevator, But The Staff Was Late

Sep 21, 2018

On the morning of September 17, Ms. Mao, who lives on the 16th floor of Building C, Jinhuiyuan Community, Changde City, was preparing to take the elevator to work. She did not expect the elevator to suddenly fall into power. The lady who was pregnant for more than 7 months suffered a shock and was trapped in the elevator 40. Minutes of time, let Ms. Mao have a lingering fear. Ms. Mao was very angry when the attitude of the property owners who were "slow late" was extremely indifferent.

At 7:40 am on the same day, Ms. Mao was preparing to take the elevator to work, just pressed the button on the 1st floor. "The elevator suddenly stopped powering out. It was dark and it fell a bit. I didn't know how many floors fell. I was really scared to death." Ms. Mao recalled that after being trapped, she passed the elevator in the first time. The emergency contact telephone contacted the property staff and informed the building and physical condition of the building. At the same time, Ms. Mao’s mother also called several times to remind the property staff to go to the rescue after learning that her daughter was trapped.

“After 20 minutes, the talents of the property called to ask me which one I was in, but I told them at the time that if they really had the heart, they would not wait so long before they called to ask the situation, and the building did not remember. After 40 minutes of being trapped, the property staff rescued Ms. Mao from the elevator. Fortunately, Ms. Mao is not a serious problem. "After they came out, they didn't have any explanation, let alone appease my emotions." Ms. Mao was very angry about the attitude of the property staff.

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