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Cargo Lift Failure In Operation

May 19, 2017

With the progress of science and technology and social development, the tools used by mankind is also endless, Cargo Lift is also more advanced, for high-altitude operations, the goods up and down the transport of such work on the need to use tools, this tool is also called the elevator, In the sense of our special equipment catalog inside this kind of equipment is called the Cargo Lift, because the earliest called lift. The limit position of the bottom of the platform shall be such that the distance between the bottom of the platform and the ground cushion spring shall be such that the distance between the bottom of the platform and the ground cushion spring shall be 300-400mm, the lower limit of the block to install the location, should ensure that the limit switch in the lower limit switch action after the action, and the freight platform can not hit the buffer spring.

Simple lift cargo elevator is a lifting lifting machinery and equipment, lifting ladders lift system, driven by hydraulic pump station, it is also known as hydraulic lift Cargo Lift. The lifting wedge wedge anti-fall safety device consists of a wedge mechanism (wedge wedge, movable wedge), connecting rod, hinge strut, spring, elevator guide rail and lifting rope hanging steel beam. In the lift lift hoisting rope under the action of the lifting force through the lever to push the wedge pressure on the cage column, so that the wedge pawl surface and the lifting rail left between the sufficient clearance to ensure that the lift when the normal operation of the lift The

There are many reasons for the failure of the freight elevator in the operation, there are product quality, installation quality problems, mainly the use of links and maintenance aspects of the daily maintenance is not in place, not standardized, illegal operation, illegal use caused. It is understood that our region has the relevant qualification of the regular freight elevator maintenance company 63, in accordance with the survival of the fittest market competition law, quality assurance companies should be good quality of the market, but the truth is not the case. Some small size, weak ability of the maintenance company also "strong" to exist, and the other companies into a low-cost competition in the whirlpool.

In the course of the use of the process if the ladders fall, must take the following methods to save themselves: no matter how several floors, the keys are pressed on each floor, when the emergency power supply starts, the freight elevator can immediately stop falling; , Please a hand clenched handrails, to prevent the center of gravity due to instability and fall; knee was bent posture, borrow knee bending to withstand heavy blow pressure; the heel to mention, that is, tiptoe, Cargo Lift, then the best to put his arms Hold the handrail or stickers ladder wall; the entire back and head close to the ladder inside the wall, was a straight line, the use of Cargo Lift walls as the protection of the spine.