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Can Escalator Be Loaded?

Oct 26, 2017

Escalator are generally used in shopping malls, the main role is to carry customers to increase customer traffic to guide customers in-depth browsing, the general large shopping malls are equipped with escalator, passenger elevators, cargo elevators. This kind of elevator has its own role.

But there are some small shopping malls installed after the escalator did not install the cargo elevator, shopping malls are placed in the place of goods, when the high-level goods need to be placed when people have a step up a step up to enhance the goods is very Struggling. So there is a mall boss asked Xiao Bian can carry the goods through escalator ah. In theory, escalator are not allowed to carry the goods. Because the escalator stairs are fixed in the escalator chain through the spindle traction around the guide rail to do the cycle of operation, the operation of the various steps of the position is also changing, when the goods contact with the steps may occur when the goods into the cascade and cascade clearance The gap with the apron plate causes the escalator to malfunction or damage.

For this reason I do not recommend using escalator to transport goods. If the goods are relatively light circumstances can be two people holding the goods by escalator can also save some of the transport of manual labor.