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Beijing Fengtai Will Add 135 Elevators To The Old Building This Year To Facilitate The Travel Of Middle-aged And Elderly Residents.

Dec 18, 2018

"Come on the elevator and enter the house directly! A layer of 3 seconds, less than a minute to my home." 64-year-old Zhang Peijun's legs and feet are not good, the new elevator has become her "heart is good". Recently, two external elevators of Building No. 7 of Zhongli Community in Taipingqiao Street passed the acceptance and put into use, achieving flat occupancy. The reporter learned from Fengtai District that after installing 280 elevators and 22 intelligent travellers for the old building last year, this year, 135 additional elevators will be added to the old community to facilitate residents' travel.

   Residents of Building 7 of Meiyuan Community in Donggaodi Street, Fengtai District are trying to take     the newly installed elevator

Building No. 7 of Taiping Bridge Zhongli Community was built in the 1980s. It is a six-storey brick-concrete structure with two unit doors. The floors are interconnected. There are 14 households on each floor. There are 84 households, including community residents over 60 years old. It accounts for 1/3 of the total number of people, the elderly and children are mostly, the elderly are struggling to go up and down, the disabled are “trapped” at home, and the young people are not at ease. In case of emergency emergency rescue, it is extremely inconvenient... Many problems make residents feel Helpless.

Since October last year, Taipingqiao Street, Zhongli Community and Beijing Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. have cooperated with government and enterprises, and conducted many investigations, multi-party discussions, and extensive solicitation of opinions. 84 households have agreed to install elevator support rate and post-maintenance rate. Double 100%" and started construction in March this year. This is the first time that Taipingqiao Street has installed elevators for old communities.

After half a year of construction, the residents of Building No. 7 finally used the elevator. Recently, the reporter came to Building No. 7, a silver-gray external elevator, which was integrated with the beige building. The neighbors asked each other to take the elevator up and down, and the face was filled with a smile.

Zhang Peijun, who lives on the third floor, has been necrotic for many years. From one to three, there are 49 steps. It usually takes at least 5 minutes for Zhang Peijun to go upstairs. Now, she is easy to go upstairs in a minute. "Now there is a new elevator. I go out for a few trips a day. It’s convenient to buy food at the bend, and my son is working hard," Zhang Peijun said.

In addition to the two additional external elevators in Taipingqiao Street, Lugouqiao Street, Xiaowayao Village of Lugouqiao Township, Caoqiao Village of Huaxiang Town, and other towns and villages have also installed elevators for residents. This year, Fengtai District installed a total of 135 elevators for the old community.

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