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Awesome! Asia Pacific Theo Lift Was Selected As The Promotion Brand Of The Hezhou Municipal Committee Propaganda Column

Jan 02, 2019

Like we live on the sixth floor, you have to pick up a dish, and when you buy something, you feel a little tired when you go upstairs;

I am 64 years old this year, I don’t dare to go down, the rheumatism is getting worse and worse, I will go down this one day;

There are a lot of people who are older, and now we can. If we have more than ten years, it will not work. If we are older, we will definitely not do it. We always want to install elevators....

With the development and evolution of Chinese cities, there are a large number of multi-storey old buildings across the country that are not equipped with elevators. Inconvenient to go up and down the building has become a major obstacle to the daily life and safe travel of the aging population. In addition to improving the quality of life of the elderly, the installation of elevators in old buildings is also an important way to improve the quality of urban settlements and save social resources.

In the transformation of old communities, how to make the staircase room into an elevator room, so that residents, especially the old people, solve the problem of “crawling the stairs” and make their travel more convenient is an important issue of people's livelihood.

To this end, in order to respond to the wishes of the people, the Hezhou Municipal Government of Guangxi implemented the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Work of Installing Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings. As early as March 7, 2018, the municipal government held the dormitory of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. With the installation of the elevator mobilization meeting, Deng Zhongyao, deputy secretary general of the Municipal People's Government attended the meeting and put forward the principle to be followed in the installation of the elevator. The Municipal Affairs Bureau introduced the preparations and preliminary plans for the installation of the elevator.

The municipal government introduced the preliminary plan for installing the elevator at 9:00, involving: reporting conditions, funding solution channels, floor investment ratio, elevator installation location, addition of elevator brand and budget, elevator usage, elevator follow-up management and expenses, plus Install the elevator order, the owner's unit and other nine points about the most concerned about the elevator installation of the household.

Among them, the fifth plan to build the elevator brand and the budget is clear: the elevator brand is recommended for the Asia-Pacific West Olympics.

Asia-Pacific Xi'ao Elevator Capability has stood out from the crowd of elevators and has been favored by the Hezhou Municipal Government. It relies on the high-level industry reputation of Asia-Pacific Xi'ao Elevator, rich installation experience and professional installation business, perfect The advantages of maintenance services, etc., allow the municipal government to rely on the Asia-Pacific West Olympic Elevator among many elevator brands, and choose the Asia-Pacific West Olympic Elevator to become the preferred elevator brand in the dormitory of the municipal government.

In the past two years, Asia Pacific Xi'ao Elevator has provided services for more than ten existing residential elevators such as the Guangzhou Sports Institute Teacher Dormitory Building, Chengdu Zhongkai Building and Liangping Times Square. The efficient service and professional technical solutions have been received by customers. Agree.

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