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Artificial Intelligence Robot Hitachi Elevator Debuts At 2018 China International Elevator Exhibition

May 18, 2018

On May 8, 2018, the 13th China International Elevator Exhibition was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi Elevator”) took the theme of “Love Live Ai Hitachi”. It showcases the Hitachi world's highest-speed elevator technology, the new generation of TX escalators, the DFRS destination reservation system, on-demand service platforms, and the latest products, technologies, and solutions for the intelligent robot EMIEW3, sharing Hitachi's data and faces. Recognition, artificial intelligence and other technologies to enhance the people's good life experience scene application, thinking and exploration.

AI empowering makes buildings more "smart"

At this exhibition, Hitachi Elevator presented a comprehensive range of building solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence.

Take the Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center as an example. This project focuses on Hitachi’s most advanced comprehensive building solutions, including the world’s highest speed elevator technology that enhances the vertical movement efficiency of the tallest skyscraper in Guangzhou. From the 1st floor to the 95th floor, elevators with speeds up to 1,260 m are used. The total distance of 440 meters is only about 43 seconds. The use of the Hitachi group management system and the DFRS destination-level reservation system enables passengers to know in advance which elevator they are going to take and reach the destination floor in the shortest possible time, thereby achieving the advantages of personnel diversion, improvement of efficiency, and reduction of energy consumption. The realization of this technology is based on the “people flow analysis” technology that counts and predicts the flow of people and fully utilizes the elevator operation data, personnel movement data, building equipment data, and building layout data accumulated by Hitachi in the elevator industry in the past 100 years. Information, using artificial intelligence to execute the perfect transportation program.

In addition, Hitachi's next-generation intelligent robot EMIEW3 also made its debut at the show, attracting much attention. EMIEW3 has visual, auditory, linguistic, and action abilities, and speaks multiple languages. It can be used in various public places such as shopping malls, stations, airports, information desks, and office buildings to provide customers with fully automated guidance services.

In the foreseeable future, advanced manufacturing driven by new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence will be the main driving force for the long-term healthy development of China's real economy. In this context, the elevator market is gradually entering the era of AI. Hitachi Elevator relies on Hitachi’s leading advantages in OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) to make building traffic smarter and safer through artificial intelligence. To promote sustainable urban development.

Service upgrade to build a better life scene

This year’s government work report clearly stated that the “villages in the city” and the renovation of the old districts should be promoted in an orderly manner, supporting facilities should be improved, and conditional elevator installations should be encouraged. The installation of elevators has been written into the "Government Work Report." The policy based on people's livelihood has brought new market space to the elevator industry.

At the exhibition site, Hitachi demonstrated the installation of the existing building with an elevator model, introduced the five most commonly used forms of elevator installations and solutions, and was able to implement a variety of shaft installation methods according to the actual conditions of the building, flexibly responding to the market. Needs.

At the same time, Hitachi Elevator's digital solutions were displayed on site to help customers achieve intelligent building upgrades and provide smart butler-style services.

At present, the number of elevators Hitachi maintains in China amounts to 287,000 units, of which more than 170,000 elevators are connected to remote telecontrol systems. Through the artificial intelligence analysis technology of big data, combined with the elevator's operating frequency, use environment, fault conditions, long-range remote monitoring system detection results, component life, etc., the system performs statistical analysis based on the design life of the elevator core components and the number of design and operation to achieve Elevator fault pre-diagnosis. For parts that have reached the design life and number of operations, the system will guide the relevant engineers to carry out key inspections and confirmations in daily maintenance, and replace the relevant parts in advance, so that the traditional maintenance of the past becomes more efficient and scientific, so that the elevator has been Stay in good operating condition.

Hitachi Elevator is paying close attention to the issues brought about by aging society and the renewal of urban life. It actively supports the development of urban upgrading and upgrading in China, enriches the contents of elevator installation, renovation, maintenance and other services, and gradually shifts to the quality of deep-growing products and services. In this area of customer value, we hope to create new economic value and promote the solution of social issues.

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