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Anhui To Implement The One-four-four Management Of The Hidden Dangers Of Elevators

Jul 12, 2018

Recently, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators", requiring all relevant departments to focus on the implementation of the main responsibility of the production and use units, and using scientific supervision as a means to prevent and reduce accidents and reduce the failure rate. By 2020, a complete provincial elevator emergency rescue service platform will be established. The number of elevators and the number of deaths will be better than the national average.

The notice pointed out that the municipal governments should establish a “one-four-four” management system for the management of hidden dangers of elevators, and establish a list of hidden dangers for the “three no elevators” without property management, maintenance and repair funds, and elevators with major accidents. The task is to implement the management system, account system, sales number system, and notification system management, and clarify the units responsible for hidden danger management, the transfer unit, the coordination and supervision unit, and the time limit for completion; regularly schedule and record the progress of the governance, and establish management accounts one by one; After the rectification of hidden dangers has been completed, if the inspection or acceptance is qualified, the sales number shall be notified; the overdue unfinished management tasks shall be notified, and the listing supervision shall be carried out to ensure that the hidden dangers are effectively managed. Clarify the fund raising mechanism in the absence of maintenance funds, and promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators.

The notice clearly stated that in terms of use and maintenance, the concept of “maximizing life cycle safety and optimizing costs” was promoted, and the integrated procurement mode of “elevator equipment + maintenance service” was implemented. In the aspect of quality and safety management, build an elevator safety public information service platform, establish an elevator quality and safety evaluation system with failure rate and service life as the main indicators, and gradually establish an elevator life cycle quality and safety traceability system to realize problems and traceability. . In the aspect of emergency rescue, use information technology such as big data and Internet of Things to strengthen the statistical analysis of elevator fault data, timely release the elevator safety risk warning; promote the coverage of public mobile communication signals in the elevator car, and provide reliable communication for timely alarm and timely rescue. Guarantee.

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