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Analysis On The Future Development Direction Of Conveyor

Jun 06, 2017

Conveyor has a long history, China's ancient high-cylinder car and water rollover, is a modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor prototype. Conveyor is in a certain line on the continuous transport of materials, material handling machinery, also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyors can be horizontal, inclined conveyor, can also form a space transmission line, the transmission line is generally fixed. In recent years, with the development of industrial technology, transportation equipment has also made great progress, generally presented as the following (in recent years, with the development of industrial technology, transport equipment has also made great progress, generally presented as the following), the conveyor equipment has a large capacity, long transport distance, but also in the delivery process at the same time to complete a number of process operations, Several trends:

1, continue to large-scale development. Large-scale, including large transport capacity, large single-machine length and large transport angle and so on several aspects. The length of the hydraulic conveyor has reached 440 km or more. Belt conveyor has a length of nearly 15 km, and has been composed of a number of Taiwan and the two sides of the belt conveyor belt.Many countries are exploring long distance, large transport capacity of continuous transmission of materials more perfect conveyor structure The

2, to expand the use of the conveyor. The development of high temperature, low temperature conditions, corrosive, radioactive, flammable substances in the environment of work, and can transport hot, explosive, easy to group, sticky material conveyor.

3, so that the construction of the conveyor to meet the material handling system automation control on the requirements of a single machine. Such as the post office used in the automatic sorting parcel of the car conveyor should be able to meet the requirements of sorting action.

4, reduce energy consumption to save energy, transportation technology has become an important aspect of scientific research work. Has 1 ton of material transported 1 km of energy consumed as one of the important indicators of conveyor selection.

5, to reduce the various conveyor in the operation of the dust, noise and emissions of emissions.

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