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Analysis On Reasons Of Bottom And Race Of Elevator

Jul 10, 2017

Elevator Squat bottom refers to the elevator down to the bottom end of the station, can not effectively stop and hit the bottom of the phenomenon of the pit; The race of the elevator is the phenomenon that the elevator can not effectively stop and continue to rush to the top of the well road. There are several reasons for the elevator squatting pit and race:

1, brake failure or insufficient braking force

The main reasons causing the brake failure or insufficient braking force are as follows:

(1), brake compression spring brake loosening, fracture;

(2), brake electrical contact adhesion or constantly open, causing the brake electromagnet can not be released.

(3), Brake gate clearance is too large.

(4), brake shoe and brake wheel friction cause brake brake shoe and brake wheel overheat, cause braking ability to drop, brake card dead, brake arm, axle pin break etc. cause the brake to fail to close effectively.

(5), Brake wheel and brake tile face oil.

2, End station protection switch failure

The end-station protection switch is powerless if the car is caused by the slipping of the traction rope, the brake failure or the insufficient braking force.

3. Insufficient traction capacity

The main factors of the lack of elevator traction are as follows:

(1) The diameter of the traction pulley groove is reduced.

(2) The balance coefficient does not conform to the standard.

(3) transmission and deceleration mechanism wear.

4. Speed limiter and safety clamp failure

There are several main situations:

(1), speed limiter does not move.

(2), speed limiter although the action, but can not control the car safety clamp action.

(3), Car Top Safety clamp linkage switch failure.

(4), safety clamp installation or repair after the effective action position.

(5), safety clamp sliding wedge surface friction coefficient is reduced if the safety clamp wedge action and the rail side clamp actual friction is less than the safety clamp action during the force required for the guide rail; Safety pliers mechanical dirt, rust failure to timely overhaul, cleaning, build car mechanical card dead, unable to move. In both cases, the safety clamp does not make the car stop.