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After Installing The Elevator In The Old Residential Building, Who Will Run Safely?

Dec 24, 2018

Zheng Laobo, who lives in Panfu Road in Yuexiu District, did not think that the elevator that had been tossing for a long time was finally completed. The troubles were far from over. Because the nameplate of the elevator had to be named as a safety owner, he took the lead as an elevator. People, and naturally became a security officer, running maintenance and collecting management fees every month, it is very troublesome, I do not know what to do in the future.

In view of the lack of property management in a large number of old buildings in the old city, it is necessary for the community residents to manage and manage the elevators spontaneously. Yuexiu District has launched the “Elevator Managed Butler” service of the old building, introducing a professional property management company to accept the owner's entrustment and undertake the safety management responsibility of the new elevator. Management mode.

650 yuan per month can ask someone to escrow

The chief engineer of the Yuexiu District Market Supervision Bureau introduced that after the elevator escrow butler service was launched, residents without property management could entrust the management of the elevator.

The escrow company adopts the "all-inclusive" approach to provide full-service services for all aspects such as registration, elevator safety management, daily maintenance, emergency rescue, and annual review. The functional department will guide the Guangzhou Special Equipment Industry Association to evaluate the property company's ability. The final screening determines that two property management companies with strong management capabilities carry out the elevator custody business in Yuexiu District, and carry out the marketization and professionalization of elevator safety under government supervision. Management.

In addition to providing property management and maintenance services, elevator management companies must also purchase elevator liability insurance that meets the requirements of the provincial elevator safety regulatory system reform program. At present, the elevator custody has compiled a model text for the custody contract. After the calculation, the monthly management fee for each elevator is 650 yuan (including the use of elevator safety officers, elevator maintenance, elevator safety accident liability insurance).

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