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Affected By The Weather, 76 Trapped Elevator Incidents Occurred

Aug 20, 2018

Hong Kong was affected by the tropical storm "Bebeka". On the morning of the 14th, Hong Kong's CLP Group's 400,000 volt power supply system experienced a 10-second voltage dip, which resulted in unstable power supply in Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories. There were 76 reports of trapped elevators. And 20 fire alarms were slammed. The trains on the MTR Hong Kong Island Line were also affected. The safety screen of the platform was slowly opened. The train was slow to drive, but the impact time was not long and there was no confusion.

According to reports, a spokesman for the Hong Kong CLP said that during the strong wind signal from the Hong Kong Observatory, the CLP Group's 400,000 volt power supply system recorded a voltage dip of about 0.1 second at 9:10 am, suspected to be related to bad weather. .

CLP's power supply is not interrupted, but some customers may experience dimming or flickering of the lights. Some power devices that are sensitive to voltage changes, such as elevators, may be suspended due to the activation of the protection device.

In addition, the Hong Kong Island area has also been affected, including a number of buildings and the MTR Island Line. A spokesman for the HEC said that due to the breakdown of the power system outside the power supply range of the HEC, some customers on Hong Kong Island may experience a voltage dip of less than one second and return to normal immediately after the power supply.

In the meantime, the MTR train service was affected. Among them, the platform safety gate of Causeway Bay Station was slowly opened and the train had to be slow. A spokesman for the MTR said that due to the sudden drop in the power supply voltage of the power company, some of the equipment in the MTR station started the safety system and stopped operating. In addition, some trains have to slow down slightly, and the power supply system has returned to stability in a very short period of time. During the period, the station has broadcasted to inform passengers that the train service is slightly blocked.

Some passengers said that the cold air of the train compartment was weak at the time of the incident. It is believed that it was related to the lack of voltage. Fortunately, there was no confusion and the passengers did not have a drumstick.

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department said that from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on the 14th, a total of 20 fire alarms were received in Kowloon and the New Territories. 76 incidents of trapped elevators were reported and no one was injured.

Lu Juqiang, an engineer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said that it is believed that the incident is related to bad weather. When lightning strikes the cable of the electric tower, it will cause a sudden drop in voltage, and the impact of heavy wind and heavy rain is not too big.

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