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Accelerate The Comprehensive Implementation Of Corporate Culture. Express Passenger Elevators Carry Out All Staff Assessment Work

Sep 18, 2018

In order to realize the mission of “providing wisdom and zero-fault elevators for human beings” at an early date, we will achieve the vision of “becoming a respected global top elevator manufacturing service provider” and implement the values of “integrity compliance, hard work, efficient execution, and social responsibility”. . On August 11th, Express Passenger Elevator organized the evaluation of corporate culture system within the scope of the entire staff. The examination was disciplined and designed to enable every employee to deeply understand the meaning and value of the creation of the elevator, and to show the company. The determination to fully realize the corporate mission, vision, strategic goals and values!

Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise. It is more like an invisible baton. It plays an invisible guiding function. It can provide direction and method for enterprises and employees, let employees comply with it spontaneously, and thus the will and vision of enterprises and individuals. Unify and promote the development of the company.

All along, Express Passenger Elevator has taken corporate culture construction as a key task in building brand soft power and enhancing corporate competitiveness. Make full use of the superior resources to explore the cultural connotation of the express passenger elevator, and focus on building the brand strategy of the global high-end custom intelligent elevator professional manufacturer. In the future, the company will continue to closely integrate corporate culture construction and brand strategy with enterprise development to promote the rapid development of express elevators.

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