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42-year Marriage: A Romantic Love Story In The United States That Begins In The Elevator

Aug 22, 2018

A nameplate appeared on the wall of an elevator car at Temple University in the United States on the 17th. The short lines of the engraving on the wall tell a romantic love story that began in this elevator for decades.

On September 6, 1972, Shalin Rubin, a girl who moved to the Temple University dormitory, met the elevator driver Eric Schlesinger and fell in love with him. A few days later, Rubin met Schlesinger and took the initiative to say hello: "Hey! Mr. Elevator."

The two later married and stayed for more than 42 years until Rubin died of colon cancer last year.

Schlesinger told the Philadelphia Inquirer that encountering the "future wife" was his "most important" experience at Temple University.

In order to commemorate this love, Temple University hangs a nameplate on the elevator car that Rubin and Schlesinger met in the past, with the words "Memorial wife Shalin Rubin Schlesinger, her September 1972. On the 6th, I met with you for the first time in this elevator. The marriage of more than 42 years began with a sentence "Mr. Elevator" and the payment was "Eric Schlesinger".

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