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2019 Augsburg International Elevator Exhibition

Mar 13, 2019

Show information

Exhibition Name: 2019 Augsburg International Elevator Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 15-18, 2019

Exhibition location: Augsburg International Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition introduction

The German International Exhibition on Elevators, Parts and Accessories (INTERLIFT 2019) was founded in 1991 and is held every two years and has been held for 14 consecutive sessions. The German Elevator Exhibition is the world's leading exhibition of elevator machinery manufacturing and spare parts technology. It is also one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in the global elevator industry. It provides product display and experience exchange for elevator companies around the world. , trade negotiation and market development platform.

Review of previous exhibitions

More than 600 exhibitors from the 2017 exhibitions came from 45 countries around the world. The audience is as high as 25 million, with 49% of the audience coming from overseas. The China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises and the China Elevator Association have organized Chinese pavilions to participate in the 5th German Elevator Exhibition. In 2017, the Chinese pavilion has 56 exhibitors and visiting companies. The booths are distributed at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Hall 7, Hall. The continued participation of the Chinese pavilion has ensured the internationalization of the exhibition and expanded the radiation benefits of the exhibition in Europe. It also played a good role in promoting the further integration of China's elevator enterprises into the European market.

exhibition criteria 

Elevator main engine and drive technology: various escalators, automatic pedestrian ladders, passenger elevators, medical ladders, freight elevators, residential ladders, sightseeing ladders, elevators, elevators for the disabled, etc.; hydraulic systems, bolts and screws, Braille button plates, steel Cable, cable control panel, console, shock absorber, DC motor, control panel control system console, shock absorber, spare feeder;

Remote monitoring and automatic alarm system for ladders: safety devices and equipment, maintenance and monitoring systems, technological development and innovation programs, installation, consulting, services, etc. related to the elevator industry;


Elevator and escalator mainframe, control system, elevator governor, elevator control panel and buttons, display and signaling devices, intercom communication system, electrical switches and connectors, door systems and components, door protection devices, safety components, guide rails and fixing Parts, wire ropes, cars, decorating materials, hydraulic systems and components, electronic components, elevators and escalator cables, special test equipment and tools, testing components, professional magazines, design and consulting, and ancillary equipment.


In order to support and support Chinese enterprises to go out and explore the international market, and actively participate in international competition, the state will provide partial subsidies to eligible SMEs. Our company will assist exhibitors to apply for the national “SMEs International Market Development Fund Subsidy”. See http://www.smeimdf.org. (Unregistered and publicized companies are required to register and publicize on this website before applying).

Contact information

Beijing Yabo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Phone: 010-53630592/93

Contact: Yan Xiuling Lin Lin

Mobile: 13683089828 (same as micro signal) 18310336602

Website: www.yabooexpo.com

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