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16 Elevators Failed To Pass The Annual Inspection And Were Closed. More Than 900 Owners Climbed Up And Down 33 Floors.

Oct 17, 2018

The high floors of the city must be equipped with an elevator. If the elevator is not available, it will directly affect the owner's travel. However, on October 12, the owner of the Linquan Huayuan Community in Yaohai District of Hefei City reported that due to the failure of the annual inspection, all 16 elevators in the community were closed by law enforcement agencies. The 33-story high-rise building can only climb up and down, the owners You can't eat it. Why is the elevator so closed?

16 elevators were seized and deactivated

Unsatisfactory annual inspection, 16 elevators were seized

On the morning of October 12, Mr. Zhou, the owner of Linquan Huayuan Community in Yaohai District of Hefei City, reported that all 16 elevators in their community were suspended by the Yaohai District Market Supervision Administration. The reason is that the 16 elevators in the community have passed the inspection and validity period. It expired in May this year, and the residential Anguang property has not been corrected yet.

"The 16 elevators in our community are Mitsubishi elevators. It is reasonable to say that the quality is ok, but this is only 5 years. The property does not ask, does not guarantee on time, which leads to the seizure." Mr. Zhou introduced as early as a few A few months ago, the community posted a letter about the elevator problem, saying that the 16 elevators in the community were unqualified for the annual inspection of the elevators in 2018. The elevators were running with diseases, and the brakes, guide shoes and other accessories were also partially damaged. The elevators were seriously and safely operated. Hidden dangers.

On the afternoon of October 12, I saw in the Linquan Huayuan Community that every elevator door in each building was sealed with a seal written with the “Yaohai District Market Supervision Administration” and attached with a special equipment. The safety inspection instruction book and the instruction book show that the 16 elevators in the Linquan Huayuan Community have not been regularly inspected, but violated the provisions of Article 40 of the Special Equipment Safety Law and Article 28 of the Special Equipment Safety Inspection Regulations. It is required to immediately stop using 16 elevators in the community, and it can be used only after passing the inspection by the special equipment testing organization.

Safety inspection instruction

33 floors rely on climbing stairs. More than 900 homeowners are "difficult"

On the afternoon of October 12, at the gate of the community, a responsible person of the Yaohai District Market Supervision Administration was appeasing the residents’ emotions. He said that the person in charge of the special equipment inspection department of the special equipment inspection department ignored the urging of the person in charge of the special equipment inspection department. Hey, and continued to use 16 elevators that were overdue and had huge safety hazards. In order to ensure the personal and property safety of the residents, it was decided to seal the elevators.

"At present, Anguang Property refused to sign the sign and did not express any money to repair the elevator. Therefore, it is unclear when the residents of the community can use the elevator normally." The relevant person in charge of the Yaohai District Market Supervision Administration said that the elevator must not be inspected before passing the inspection. use.

However, the deactivation of the elevator in the community has brought great inconvenience to the residents of the community, especially the high-rise residents. It is understood that there are 5 residential buildings in Linquan Huayuan Community. The height of the building is 18 stories or above. Among them, 4 are 33-storey high-rise buildings with more than 900 households.

"My family lives on the 26th floor. It is too difficult to get up and down the stairs. Now my legs are still shaking." Ms. Yang, who lives in the 5th building, just came down from home and said with breathlessness.

"Like a young man, the problem of climbing stairs is not big, but for the elderly and children, it is a big problem." Ms. Yang said that an elderly person in a neighbor’s family has a bad leg and legs. It is very inconvenient.

The owner climbs the stairs up and down

"The ambulance is still coming this afternoon, but when the medical staff can't see the elevator, they turn around and go away." Ms. Lu, the owner, said helplessly.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the inability of the elevator to function properly, the vast majority of residents still understand the seizure of the regulatory authorities, but they have expressed great anger at the Anguang property.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I was led by the owner and went to the property office to see that the property gate was closed and no staff members were seen. Subsequently, the call to the property was still unanswered.

Changhuai Street: Negotiating joint owners' representatives and properties

 In order to get things handled as soon as possible, the owner of the Linquan Huayuan Community came to Changhuai Street to find the street director Wang Hao, asking the elevator problem to be solved.

"This property has a great responsibility for the property. The most important thing now is to let the elevators be used normally, to solve the inconvenience of the owners, and the maintenance funds will be the focus of the consultation." Wang Hao, director of Changhuai Street, said that the street is actively Contact the person in charge of the property, and then the street will take the lead, and the joint property owner, the owner's representative, and the special equipment maintenance unit will negotiate.

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