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124 Volkswagen Elevators Painted A Colorful Color Of The South Of The Clouds

Sep 30, 2018

Yunnan has a long history, rich culture and beautiful scenery. It is a magical land. Recently, from the Yunnan branch, good news, Vaux Elevator successfully won the bid for the Yuzhong New District Medical Device Industrial Park project, which will provide 67 high-quality products including VE series passenger elevators and VH series cargo elevators; The company's 57 VE series passenger elevators for the 2013-2017 urban renewal project in Qujing Southern New City, Yunnan Province, have also been sent to Qujing for installation.

National New District--Yunzhong New District of Yunnan Province, located in the east and west wings of the main city of Kunming, with an area of about 482 square kilometers. It is the "Sanya" (East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia) and the "Two Continents" (Asia, Europe). An important strategic node of the "Two Oceans" (Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean). The new district has national-level Chongming Yanglin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Anning Industrial Park and many other national and provincial key parks, which have the relevant conditions for industrial development.

The Medical Device Industrial Park is located in the Kunming Airport Economic Zone of Suizhong New District. The project covers an area of 247.88 mu, with a total construction area of about 308,800 square meters and a total budget of about 816 million yuan. The project focuses on the medical device industry and focuses on the introduction of medical equipment and medical consumables. Production and sales companies and their "horizontal" and "vertical" extension industries cover projects such as sound, light, electricity, machinery, semiconductor components and software development.

Volks Elevator has outstanding performance in the construction of the key industrial park project. In the past two years, it has been the Jiangxi Nanzhou Furniture Industrial Park, the Liaoning Liaoning Regional Cloud Computing Center, the Lanzhou Western Medicine Valley Industrial Park, and the Vipshop Shanghai South Logistics. The national and provincial key projects such as the Center provide elevator products. This time, the hand in hand with Yunnan Yuzhong New District has once again provided a successful model for the industrial park project.

Yunnan Province 2013-2017 Urban Reconstruction Project Qujing Southern New City Area Project involves 4 square kilometers, with a total investment of 3.128 billion yuan. After the completion of the southern new city reconstruction, the main layout is one lake, two districts, three belts, four greens and thirteen roads. There are ecological wetlands, forest parks, holiday tourist areas, commercial belts around the lake, high-end business districts, and convention centers. The planning is to have local climate micro-regulation and environmental self-repair functions, complete supporting, livable harmony, and connection. The modern landscape garden city with a history oriented to the future highlights the characteristics of Qujing culture.

As a connoisseur of residential passenger elevators, Vaux Elevator has long been actively involved in large-scale urbanization projects across the country, with outstanding achievements. 147 projects in the Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, 101 projects in the Dadukou P2-14 plot in Chongqing, and 114 projects in the Beiliang shantytown in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, are the iconic works of the recent Volkswagen elevator in the field of urbanization construction. .

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