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With the playmate trapped in the elevator, the 8-year-old girl 3 strokes calmly self-help, the police praised her

Jan 15, 2019

In the face of a sudden failure of the elevator, if the adults are trapped, they may not be able to calm down. But recently, two 8-year-old children in Qijiang Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou, were trapped in the elevator of the community. Not only were they not afraid, but they managed to save themselves until the rescuers arrived.

According to the elevator monitoring, at 11:39:40 on January 10, Xiaochen and Xiao Xie (a pseudonym) accompanied the two children into the elevator and pressed the buttons on the 8th and 27th floors respectively. At 11:40:03, the elevator rose to the 8th floor, but the door only opened a seam, and the elevator door automatically closed after a few seconds. After that, the elevator door cannot be opened normally on the floor where the button is pressed. At 11:42, the girl Xiaochen pressed the buttons on each floor of the elevator and reported the police with a telephone watch.

At 11:53, the police station and the fire officers and soldiers of the Qijiang Town Police Station rushed to the scene. The preliminary investigation was that the elevator door had a fault. At 12:07, the elevator door was pushed open by the rescuers with tools. The two were trapped for 27 minutes. The child is out of danger.

Jinying Stone, police station of Qijiang Town Police Station: "When we went up, we thought they would be very scared, but they were still calm from the cracks in the door. Later we took control and found that the children pressed the buttons on all floors in the elevator. The first aid button, call 110 to save yourself, these behaviors are worthy of praise."

It is understood that although Xiaochen and Xiao Xie are not 9 years old, parents usually teach them some knowledge of taking the elevator to save themselves.

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