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Why the elevator is afraid of water Afraid of dirty

Mar 13, 2017

Some people wonder: why is the metal structure of the elevator is afraid of water? We often find people pouring dirty water or other liquid in the elevator car (such as drinks), has also been cleaning the water into the corridor hoistway cleaning. They thought it was just a hole in the well. They do not know that there are many mechanical parts and electrical components in the top of the car, at the bottom of the car, at the bottom of the door sill. The water or other liquid flows into the top of the car, the bottom of the car or into the door mechanism, not to mention that these components will cause corrosion, more serious is the installation of electrical components in these places will fail. For example, many cities in the south when the typhoon, many elevators because the bottom pit water, resulting in the pit pit electrical failure, so the elevator paralysis".

In the elevator car and the door is also arranged on the circuit board, and many wires, insulation reduced, water will cause the leakage and electric wire, this elevator operation is very dangerous, will cause the electric shock accident by staff. Leakage can also cause more serious damage to the elevator control system. For example, the computer board burned. So if there are water lift water or wet condition, must suspend power supply will lift, clean water, dry as soon as possible, please professional maintenance staff to test the circuit before put into use.

Why are elevators afraid of rubbish?

"Junk" surface is just a health problem, some people usually develop do not pay attention to hygiene habits, habits, cigarette butts littering. So often in the elevator car were found in the peel, cigarette butts, leftover food and other garbage. Some passenger elevators are used to transport building materials. As a result, there are a lot of construction waste in the car, such as broken bricks, cement dust and so on. The garbage is not only a health problem for the elevator, it may make the elevator "strike" to stop running. Many people take elevator may not realize this, but many elevator maintenance personnel have deep feelings, they often encounter some of the failure of elevator maintenance can not run, and maintenance personnel arrived at the scene found that the cause of failure is only due to the "garbage".

Before the start of the elevator to automatically detect whether the door is closed, if the door is not completely closed, even if only a little bit, the elevator will not start. So a cigarette, a pebble can make the elevator stop running. Anticollision device with elevator door is the use of screen, or infrared device, once the infrared is blocked, the elevator is not closed to stop running, a small piece of skin or gum, even cement dust can block the infrared.

Even some people put the rubbish into the corridor to the elevator shaft in the sweep, they do not realize that lift is a mechanical and electrical equipment, air conditioning, TV is home to more than dust will affect the work, the same, the elevator will be dirty because many electrical switch contact is not good, so the elevator will be sick.

So if you want to run the elevator well, first of all have to run a good environment, pay attention to health. "To protect the elevator, to facilitate their own".