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Why is the community elevator installed so fast

Apr 10, 2018

With the increasing aging of the population in Shanghai, the demand for additional elevators in the old residential areas is high, and the public’s voice is getting louder and louder. However, when installing elevators in some communities, there are often “everyone at the beginning of the motion. As a result, all owners voted for a year and a half.” “The owner voted, but the material for running the formalities did not appear below.” Due to geology, broken green, or complaints from residents, etc. returned to the origin. "etc. It was also reported by the owner of the residential area that it took more than one year to install the elevator.

A residential building in Nujiang New Court, Nuyi Community, Changzheng Town, Putuo District, took the building leader's call to move to the elevator and it took less than a year. Installing an elevator is so fast. How did the community do it?

1 Consultation

A meal "changed" to support the entire building

Nujiang Xinyuan is located on the east side of Daduhe Road in Putuo District. The community has been built for 20 years. In the most recent period, Building 26, next to Daduhe Road, is very lively. It turned out that the elevator installed in the building was delivered before the Spring Festival and attracted many nearby residents to experience and visit.

“It is quite stable and quite good.” Aunt Shen, who lives in No. 16 Building of Xinyuan, Nujiang, came to “inspect” the newly installed elevator yesterday. For the latest “increased allocation” of Building 26, she was very much admired. Shen Ayi retired at home to help their children take care of children. “The child is still young, holding up and down four floors every day. It is really difficult.” Shen Aunt told reporters that she is specially looking for the head of No. 26 building to take the study, so that No. 16 The building's elevator can also be erected as soon as possible.

Chen Hainian, head of the No. 26 building, told the reporter that during the Spring Festival in 2017, he proposed the idea of installing elevators to 12 people in the building. It is inevitable that some people will inevitably resist or hesitate. For example, the owner who rents a house will feel It is not related to their own interests. Low-level residents think that installing elevators will interfere with life and rest. To this end, he asked for dinner after the Spring Festival in 2017 and put all his doubts and contradictions on the table. Unexpectedly, the effect of this dinner was unexpectedly good. On the first floor, newlywed couples who just moved in, apart from anything else, signed and agreed on the agreement to install elevators. The residents on the second floor even offered to share the cost of installing elevators.

It took less than 10 days before and after the motion for consultation to obtain the support of residents of the entire building.

2 votes

80% of the community owners agreed to vote

According to the regulations, when applying for an elevator installation, more than 90% of the additional building owners agree (and other owners have no specific objections), and at the same time, more than two-thirds of the owners in the residential area (in the property management area) agree. For this reason, under the leadership of the anger-inhabiting committee and the industry committee, the “Additional Ladder Work Committee” was established to open up questions for residents in the district.

“Some residents of other buildings often do not support building 26 elevators because they are worried about greening, construction disturbances, etc.” Xiao Qian, secretary of the Committee’s Resident Committee, said that the “Additional Ladder Working Committee” together with each floor The team leaders do ideological work for these residents. Some residents will take the initiative to accept after listening to our explanations, but there are still residents strongly opposed. For this reason, their approach is to “coldly deal with” first, so that both sides can ease their emotions. “When we are doing ideological work, we will always Remind yourself not to bring in opposing emotions, let alone make public opinion that because of the lack of support, etc., “XX does not support such things.” After the owners calm down, the “Additional Ladder Work Committee” took them to the elevators already installed. Loudong felt at the scene to take away their concerns.

At the same time, the industry committee assured all the owners that from the first day of the construction, the industry committee has assigned special personnel to supervise and ensure that the construction is absolutely safe and will not disturb the people.

In late March of 2017, after statistics and voting, the vote rate of owners in all communities exceeded 2/3, as high as 80%.

3 Approval

Length of time shortened to about 3 months

Shao Jianwei, executive deputy director of the Housing Development Bureau of the Housing Administration Bureau of Putuo District, said in an interview before that from the approval process, the main process for installing elevators at the district level is divided into three steps, specifically the District Housing Authority and the District Planning Bureau. He is responsible for the three departments of the establishment committee of the district.

The first step is to apply to the District Housing Authority for approval of the project; the second step is to carry out planning approval for the District Planning Bureau; and for the third step, the district construction committee pays for the construction approval. In addition to these three departments, it also involves the approval of the departments of environmental protection, greening, sanitation, and fire protection.

On December 5, 2016, the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee and other departments jointly issued the “Circular on the Approval of Additional Technologies for the Construction of Elevators for Existing Multi-Storey Residential Buildings in the City”, which involved 46 submissions for examination and approval. Simplified into 11 approval stages, and defined the relevant application materials and approval time limit. “This time, the No. 26 Building of Nujiang Xinyuan Adding Elevator Project, under the stipulated circumstances, the approval departments are all in accordance with the latest requirements all the way green light.” Shao Jianwei said, No. 26 Building, Nujiang Xinyuan Addition Project from June 15, 2017 The submission of documents on the day began, and the completion of various procedures for the establishment of the report on September 25 allowed the commencement of the work, which took only about three months before and after.

In Putuo District, there are more than one tiers of additional elevators, which have been at the forefront of the city in terms of approval efficiency and construction progress. The reporter learned from the Housing Development and Development Center of the Housing Administration Bureau of Putuo District that, including the ongoing construction and completed projects, there are currently 34 multi-story elevators in the district that have already established 34 projects, benefiting 475 households, and the entire approval period for the installation of elevators is also From the initial period of at least 12 months, it has been greatly shortened to about 3 months now.

In addition, the reporter learned from relevant departments in Putuo District that Putuo District will also open a door-type service window at the street and town level.

4 Construction

Break through the sand layer for smooth piling

"The residents agreed and the district audit passed. However, on the first day of construction, we almost abandoned the installation of elevators," said Chen Hainian.

In accordance with the construction plan for the implementation of the Fang Wujia Ladder for the implementation of the additional elevator project, the elevator at Nujiang No. 26 in Nujiang was supposed to be delivered before and after New Year's Day in 2018. Cao Bing, the leader of our home ladder, said: “The construction of Building 26 on the 26th building had a problem on the day of construction on October 5, 2017: the piles could not be broken. According to the original survey results, the conventional piling with a weight of 20 tons was used. Yes, but after playing five or six meters, we found that there are changes in the formation: there is a 3-m thick quicksand layer of 7-10 meters, which is not uncommon in the installation of elevators in the old residential areas because of schedule, cost, etc. Many of the projects were yellow, and in order to find a solution, we stopped work for a whole month, tried to drill the piles, increase the weight to 60 tons, replace the steel pipe piles, and finally broke through the constant attempts of the East China Design Institute. Smooth sand layer successfully completed the design requirements for piling to 18 meters."

In the end, the installation of elevators at No. 26 Building of Nujiang Xinyuan was successfully completed before February 5 this year. It is much more convenient for residents to go up and down during the Spring Festival.

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