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Who has the final say in elevator maintenance?

Mar 12, 2019

The elevator is the elevator! In the recent past, news about elevator accidents has occupied the headlines of newspapers from time to time and has become the most eye-catching topic. The elevator injury incident in Jingzhou, Hubei Province undoubtedly pushed the elevator safety issue to the "apex". After all, the whole country has also set off a wave of elevator safety inspections. Xi'an is no exception. However, while top-down government behavior is warning to maintenance units and elevator managers, we should seriously examine the status quo: in the increasingly severe elevator maintenance, some maintenance is in the form, dimension The insurance costs cannot be guaranteed, the loss of maintenance personnel is serious, and the technology needs to be improved... Whether the elevator safety inspection can really touch these core issues in the elevator maintenance industry may have to be marked with a big question mark.

In the elevator industry where “three points depend on manufacturing and seven points depend on maintenance”, the maintenance issue is related to the safety of the elevator and the vital interests of every citizen. Therefore, as soon as possible through the security "black hole", perhaps a more secure tomorrow.

The gap between 26 and 100

“How many elevators are there on time?”

It is understood that there are about 270 elevator maintenance units in the province, and Xi'an accounts for nearly 80%, about 230. There are currently 80,000 elevators in the province and about 50,000 in Xi'an. In recent years, the number of elevators in the province has increased by about 15,000 per year, and the number of maintenance units has increased by more than 20 per year. At present, the elevator maintenance unit is divided into three levels: a, b, and c according to the number of maintenance personnel. According to the national regulations, the elevator must be maintained once every 15 days, and each maintenance must have 24 items of inspection and maintenance.

"At present, there are about a thousand people in Xi'an who are engaged in maintenance work in the first line. According to the calculation of 50,000 elevators in the city, each person's maintenance amount is about 50 a year, and it takes two people to maintain one elevator in general. This means that if the two people work together for maintenance, the amount of maintenance for one year will be around 100."

"With such a large amount of work, can the maintenance personnel be completed on time and on demand?" In the Shaanxi Elevator Industry Association, when Secretary-General Conway spoke out this set of data, our questions blurted out.

According to the survey of the Shaanxi Elevator Industry Association, the two completed standard maintenance of all 24 projects for about 3.5 to 4 hours. According to a maintenance cycle every half month, the maintenance workload per elevator for one year is 12 working days. If you count the overtime hours, according to the workdays on Saturdays and the working hours of 313 days a year, the number of elevators that the two can jointly maintain in one year is 26 units.

26 and 100, where is the huge gap in the middle?

“It is estimated that only half of the elevators on the market can be maintained on time, and even less than 24 for each maintenance,” Conway said. For elevator maintenance, Li Weiguo, chairman of Shaanxi Huacheng Building Equipment Co., Ltd. also said frankly: "We are responsible for more than 1,000 elevators in the company. As long as they are in Xi'an, they can basically maintain on time, but if the elevator is in Baoji, Yulin and other places, taking into account the company's manpower, cost and other issues, our maintenance personnel are not likely to go so often, it can not be half-monthly maintenance."

Vicious competition

Price wars damage the credibility of the maintenance industry

The vicious competition in the elevator industry has been in existence for a long time. After the elevator company got the contract by price war, it saved the cost from sales, installation and maintenance, and buried many safety hazards. Due to the impact of the economic environment, the current real estate and other projects are tightening, the demand for elevators is decreasing, so the competition between elevator companies in the Xi'an market is more intense than a few years ago.

However, the biggest chip in the current competition is the price.

Li Weiguo, head of Shaanxi Huacheng Building Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced that in the past two years, an elevator bidding was also attended by three or four companies. Nowadays, seven or eight companies are generally competing, and the price war has allowed the elevator industry to buy and sell. The profits are constantly decreasing.

It is understood that under normal circumstances, in accordance with laws and regulations, elevator companies will give at least one year of warranty and maintenance. The business model of the 4s shop selling cars is the same. After the completion of the free maintenance, some small maintenance companies began to compete for maintenance premiums with elevator manufacturers at a low price. Property companies will consider these small maintenance companies in consideration of funding and other factors. In the follow-up maintenance, everyone pressed each other seriously, causing great harm to the entire industry. Judging from the current market situation, the average maintenance cost of an elevator for one year is about 4,000 yuan. But in fact, in order to pull business, some companies tend to offer quotations much lower than this. Individual companies maintain 2,000 to 3,000 yuan.

"In fact, the level of 4,000 yuan is only a basic guarantee. If the better maintenance costs may need to be doubled, if it is reduced to two or three thousand yuan, even the basic labor costs are not enough, how can we guarantee the normal maintenance of the elevator and Safety.” Kang Wei, secretary general of the Shaanxi Provincial Association of Elevator Industry, said.

In Li Weiguo's view, such competition ultimately affects the credibility of the entire elevator industry and the safety of ordinary people. "Our company is equipped with elevators in two communities in Baoji. One company is responsible for maintenance. The labor cost per elevator is 400 yuan to 500 yuan per month. Another community is too expensive. I hope to do it at around 250 yuan per month. After the negotiations were fruitless, the other party searched for a small maintenance unit, but there were frequent problems. The problem of meeting the big problems eventually came to our company to solve."

The maintenance fee is difficult to be transparent

How much is the elevator fee used for maintenance?

Behind the price competition, the most beneficial benefit is only the management of the elevator. Because when the property completes the elevator maintenance at a lower cost, the "savings" of the elevator fee translates into their profits. In the Provincial Elevator Industry Association, the reporter got such a survey report: At present, the billing methods for daily maintenance of elevators are generally divided into all-inclusive and half-packaged. The semi-package refers to all maintenance costs except the main components of the elevator mainframe, main board, and inverter. The all-package cost is about 35% higher than the half-package cost price. The survey takes 15 floors and 15 stations as an example. The average half-package maintenance cost of the elevator is about 6,000 yuan a year. If the price of the whole package is higher.

What is the difference between the basic maintenance cost of the elevator and the elevator fee paid by the residents?

Take a 33-storey building in a certain district as an example. The floor area of each floor is about 820 square meters, with three ladders and six households. The elevator fee for the property is 0.2 yuan/month square meter from the second floor, and 0.01 yuan for each higher floor. The total amount of elevator tolls paid is about 129,100 yuan, and each elevator charges 43,033 yuan.

If the maintenance cost of each elevator is about 9,000 yuan, plus the daily electricity cost of the elevator, the elevator supervision and inspection fee, the daily management fee of the elevator, etc., the annual operation and maintenance cost of each elevator is about 25,000 to 30,000 yuan. . In this way, each elevator fee is still about 15,000 yuan.

The original intention of this report provided by the Provincial Elevator Industry Association is only to explain that in the case of adequate protection of elevator maintenance premiums, the property will have a large balance, so the property should make full use of the money and do the maintenance of the elevator. Guarantee. If we change the angle, we can interpret this report as follows: the elevator fee paid by the owner is completely enough for the daily maintenance of the elevator, and the property company can reduce the elevator maintenance cost and turn the elevator fee into a tool for making money. Injury the interests of the owners.

"For a long time, there is no relatively clear and unified reference basis for the elevator maintenance market. The pricing basis for maintenance fees of various units is also inconsistent. The difference in the daily maintenance of elevators is very large. This also leaves the property to earn the owner's elevator fee. A lot of space." Kang Wei, secretary general of the Shaanxi Provincial Association of Elevator Industry, said.

Some insiders pointed out that the profit of the property in the elevator fee is about 40%, and the property can only borrow tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan in one year. The reporter learned from the price department that Xi'an does not have a unified standard for residential elevator fee charging. The operation and maintenance cost of residential elevators should be shared by all the owners. It is not subject to government pricing. It only stipulates that the property company cannot charge this fee.

"According to this calculation, the elevator fee charged by the property is indeed a big number. If these fees are fully used in elevator maintenance, rather than as a tool to make profits, it will bring more to the elevator industry. More safety." In the interview, some citizens expressed such opinions.

Strong system promotion

Let Weibao awe in life

Since 1992, Li Weiguo, who is engaged in the elevator industry, has been expanding in recent years. Since the beginning of the year, more than 100 elevators have been sold, and more than 400 elevators have been sold last year. The number of elevators currently being repaired and maintained is around 1,000. However, for her in the industry for more than 20 years, the most difficult thing is to face increasing competition pressure, and more importantly, the serious loss of maintenance talents.

It is understood that the current monthly salary of a skilled maintenance staff should be between 4,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan; a good maintenance manager is between 7,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan. However, the wages of ordinary workers engaged in the maintenance industry are not high, and the working conditions are relatively difficult. Many young people are not willing to engage in elevator maintenance. Therefore, it also caused the embarrassing situation that "the more people do not work, the more people lack the people, the more people are unable to recruit people."

“The loss of personnel is serious, and the amount of loss is basically 40% to 50%. Previously, some rural children were recruited from their hometowns. Now they are recruiting students from technical schools. After training, they are employed, but they are generally unwilling to work for one or two years. Continue to do it," Li Weiguo said.

Although facing a lot of competitive pressure, but now for Li Weiguo and some of her friends, trying to run their own company, integrity is the biggest goal of every single business. “Although the situation in the whole industry is not ideal now, there are always some honest management. The merchants who are not winning by low prices are setting an example for the whole industry. I believe that as the market continues to mature and rational, the system continues to improve, really Enterprises that can stand the test of the market will eventually provoke the girders of elevator maintenance." Li Weiguo said.

It is also to see some problems in the maintenance of elevators. The quality supervision department of Xi'an is also working hard to standardize the elevator maintenance industry, and use the system to urge it to maintain quality on time and ensure quality.

According to Li Ming, director of the special department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Xi'an elevator maintenance level is still good in the country, which is moderately high, but there is still a good situation in the entire elevator maintenance industry. In this regard, the quality supervision department is also constantly strengthening supervision, especially in Xi'an in 2010, the "Elevator Safety and Energy Conservation Supervision and Management Measures" was introduced, and the elevator maintenance industry has been restrained and required from the system. At the same time, the quality supervision department also kept the contract on the record, and the daily inspections continued to strengthen the supervision of the maintenance unit. Through the newly opened 96333 complaint telephone, the public was urged to pay attention to the elevator safety, and urged the property or related units to maintain the elevator. In addition, Director Li Ming also admitted that in response to some problems in elevator maintenance, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau is also looking for ways to further refine the supervision methods, improve the supervision system, increase the punishment for elevator maintenance responsibility, and let the elevator industry Practitioners fear their work and fear the safety of every passenger. This will make the whole industry become trustworthy and worthy of entrustment!

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