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What matters to pay attention to when using a second-hand elevator?

Mar 20, 2018

For some companies, because of their limited capital, when selecting elevators, they often consider using second-hand elevators to meet daily needs and reduce operating costs. When used, it is different from the new elevator. Not only does it need to understand the quality of the elevator, but it also requires some knowledge of the relevant matters. Improve the safety of elevator operation and extend the service life of the elevator.

 Before using it, you need to install it. During the installation, the layout should be reasonable, especially when the layout of the chassis, as far as possible on the left side of the well, while the well should be vertical, do not appear to be skewed. After the installation is complete, inspections are required to check the installation of components. Each component needs to be fixed. When entering the elevator car, the opening and closing doors should be light, mainly to better protect the elevator and ensure that the rope can operate normally without affecting the switch. Especially when placing items, place the items in the middle of the car as much as possible to prevent sideways deviations.

 When picking up the goods, it is necessary to wait for the elevator to stop, and then perform the corresponding operation. Do not blindly operate to prevent the situation of the hands. At the same time, when taking the elevator, you should also understand the safety measures. Especially the operation of the emergency switch, once the elevator is out of service, it needs to contact the staff through the emergency switch. Each elevator has a corresponding load weight. Therefore, when using a second-hand elevator, it is necessary to strictly control the corresponding weight. Never overload the elevator. It will not only damage the elevator, but also cause users to wear seat belts. To some hidden dangers.