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What is a fire elevator, these need you to know!

Feb 25, 2019

Elevators are the primary means of transportation for vertical connections, such as the 208 elevators in the two buildings of the US World Trade Center that were crashed. The main types of elevators are passenger elevators, service elevators, sightseeing elevators, escalators, food ladders and fire elevators. Fire elevators are generally used together with work elevators such as passenger elevators.

In this article, Xiaobian mainly introduces fire elevators to everyone.

A fire elevator is an elevator that has a certain function for firefighters to use for firefighting and rescue in the event of a fire in a building. Because ordinary elevators are often stopped in the event of fire and power failure, it is necessary to set up fire elevators. The main functions are: firefighters carry fire-fighting equipment to enter the high-level fire-fighting; rescue evacuation or old or weak Disabled personnel; avoid firefighters and evacuation personnel to form a "collision" on the evacuation stairs, delaying the fire fighting aircraft and affecting the evacuation of personnel; preventing firefighters from climbing through the stairs for a long time, high consumption, insufficient physical strength, can not guarantee rapid investment fighting.

Key points:

    1) Dual power supply: When the working power supply is interrupted, the emergency power supply can be automatically connected to ensure that the fire elevator continues to run;

    2) Emergency control function: When a fire occurs upstairs, accept the instructions and return to the first floor in time, no longer continue to accept passengers, only for firefighters;

    3) Emergency evacuation exit: an emergency evacuation exit is reserved at the top of the car. If the elevator door opening mechanism fails, it can be evacuated and escaped;

    4) At least one fire elevator should be installed in each fire compartment;

    5) The well should be set separately, and no other electrical pipes, water pipes, gas pipes or ventilation pipes should pass;

    6) There should be an anterior chamber, and the front room should be provided with a fire door to make it have a fire and smoke prevention function;

    7) The carrying capacity should not be less than 1000 kg, and the plane size of the car should not be less than 1 m × 1.5 m. Its function is to be able to carry larger fire-fighting equipment and stretcher for lifesaving;

    8) The decoration materials in the elevator must be non-combustible building materials;

    9) The power and control wires shall be waterproof. The door of the fire elevator shall be provided with waterproof measures for the slope;

    10) There should be a dedicated telephone in the car, and a dedicated control button should be provided on the first floor;

    11) There is a special water collecting pit, and the lifting pump is used to discharge the water to the outside in the fire.

Fire elevators and dedicated water pits

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