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What do you think of sitting in the elevator? What do people think about the meaning of taking the elevator?

Mar 13, 2019

Nowadays, there are a lot of high-rise buildings in life, so we have more time to take the elevators. Many people dream of dreaming of taking the elevator and dreaming about what the elevator means. What is the difference between the dreams of different people dreaming of taking the elevator? Understand:


Dreaming of taking the elevator:


In the analysis of dreams, the lift of the elevator reflects the ups and downs of your state of life. It is a good omen to dream of taking the elevator. It indicates that you have a clear goal of confidence in your future and can quickly climb to your desired position. .


In many cases, elevators have symbolized the environment of business and struggle. Rise and fall can correspond to the rise and fall of social status. In the dream of career and struggle, vehicles often appear. This is a symbol of psychological energy release, but elevators are different from cars or airplanes. Elevators are not controlled by themselves, so it is implied. The helplessness of oneself expresses the desire to acquire powerful mental energy. In addition, it is the sense of insecurity from the environment, which can be symbolized by the elevator. It may be easy to do the elevator dream if it is busy, burdensome, and lacks a sense of purpose and strength.


1. The official dreams of taking the elevator

The career is good, and the speed is fast.


2, the businessman dreams of taking the elevator

It means that your business or investment will be very successful, climbing up and making big money.


3, the staff dreamed of taking the elevator

The career will get better and better, and with your own efforts and good fortune, you will soon be able to sit on the boss's position.


4, students dream of taking the elevator

The academic performance will improve and I will be recognized by my classmates and teachers.


5, pregnant women dream of taking the elevator

A little afraid of having children, the mentality needs to be adjusted, otherwise it will be unfavorable for the birth of the child.


6, unmarried people dream of taking the elevator

The main recent love fortune: the emergency will fail, and there will be success.


7, the prisoner dreams of taking the elevator

The Lord will be shot.

Dreaming of taking the elevator down:


1. Dreaming of falling down in the elevator: Reconciling with the enemy, giving up hatred and cultivating sentiment.

2, the staff dreamed of taking the elevator to fall: the fortune ups and downs.

3, unmarried people dream of sitting down the elevator: recently love each other love each other, you can certainly make a positive result.

4, the child dreams of sitting in the elevator: the recent fortune, the name and interest double, but the luck is too strong, will hide the signs of decline, so can not be proud and scorn.


Dreaming that the elevator is rising rapidly


Dreaming that I am going up by the elevator: low-key, ecstasy, happiness is determined by myself.

Dreaming that the elevator is going up, you will soon get a high position and have wealth.

Manual workers dream of taking the elevator to rise to the main health: the focus of health concerns began to turn to the kidneys, drinking water and exercise should be moderate, pay attention not to urinate, and should try to avoid improper use of lumbar muscle strain.

The migrant workers dreamed that they would take the elevator to rise to the main job: there was some depression in the work, and it was difficult for the opinions to be recognized by everyone, and it was easy to be affected by others to reduce the efficiency of work.


I dreamed that the relevant content of the elevator will be shared with you here. The above content is for reference only. After all, the dreaming thing is not reality, so you don't have to be too true. The most important thing is not to let the dream affect your real life.

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