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What are the safety technical requirements for the elevator room?

Mar 01, 2019

        1. The ambient temperature in the equipment room should meet the basic requirements of electrical components. Generally, it should be kept between 5~40.C, and there should be rainproof measures.

        2. There should be sufficient brightness in the equipment room, and the illumination should be greater than 200 lux.

        3. There should be a fixed single-phase three-wire power socket in the equipment room.

        4. The machine room and pulley room and its passage should be kept open, and items not used for elevators should not be placed.

        5. There should be special fire protection facilities for electrical equipment in the equipment room.

        6. Brake the manual release wrench should be hung on an easily accessible wall and painted red.

        7. Each moving part should be painted yellow and indicate the running direction of the elevator.

        8. If there are multiple elevators in the equipment room, they should be clearly marked to distinguish them.

        9. The machine room door should be secure and lockable, and marked with a warning sign: "The machine room is heavy, and the idler is free."

The above contents are organized according to the problems encountered by the students in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.

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