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What are the requirements for setting up a fire elevator?

Mar 15, 2018

The installation of fire elevators should meet the following requirements:

(1) The fire-fighting elevator room shall have an antechamber. Its area: the residential building should not be less than 4.50 m^2. Other buildings should not be less than 6.00m^2. When the front room is used in combination with smoke prevention stairways, the area of the building should not be less than 6.00m^2 for residential buildings and 10m^2 for other buildings.

(2) Fire extinguishing room The front room should be set up by the external wall. The first floor should be set up with a direct access to the outside or the passage that does not exceed 30m in length should lead to the outside.

(3) Doors in the front room of a fire elevator shall use Class B fire doors or fire shutters with stagnation.

(4) The load of a fire elevator shall not be less than 800kg.

(5) Between the fire-fighting elevator shaft and the engine room and other adjacent elevator shafts and machine rooms, the fire-resistant limit should not be lower than the partition wall of F2.ooh. When the door is opened on the partition wall, Class A fire doors should be set.

(6) The driving speed of the fire elevator shall be determined based on the running time from the first floor to the top floor not exceeding 60 s.

(7) Non-burning materials should be used for interior decoration of fire elevator cars

(8) A special telephone should be set up in the elevator elevator car, and a dedicated fire control button should be set on the first floor.

(9) Water retaining facilities should be provided at the entrance of the fire elevator front room. The bottom of the fire elevator shall be provided with drainage facilities, the drainage well volume shall not be less than 2.00m3, and the displacement of the drainage pump shall not be less than 1oL/s.

(10) Power and control cables and wires should be waterproofed

(11) A fire elevator may be used in conjunction with a passenger elevator or a working elevator, but it shall meet the above requirements.

(12) In the arrangement of fire elevators in high-rise buildings, the convenience of firefighters should be taken into consideration and should be combined with evacuation stairs.

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