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What are the elevator safety protection devices?

Mar 21, 2018

The elevator itself is a kind of perfect transport equipment. It adopts a variety of safety measures to eliminate safety hazards such as falling and punching. As long as the elevator is properly used and regularly maintained and inspected, there will be no safety incident. The main safety protection devices are speed limiters, safety gears, and buffers.


The speed limiter is an overspeed detection device, which is generally installed on the top of an elevator machine room or an elevator hoistway, and also installed in a pit. When the elevator speeds up to the set electrical speed, it will cut off the elevator's safety circuit through the electrical switch, and then cut off the system power supply. If the elevator continues to overspeed due to gravity or inertia, the mechanical action device of the speed limiter will be triggered to stop the speed wire rope from moving, thereby lifting the safety gear.


The safety gear is a braking device installed at the bottom of the elevator car or the elevator counterweight. It includes the pulling mechanism and the braking mechanism. The role of the pulling mechanism is to transmit the mechanical action of the speed limiter to the braking mechanism and to actuate the braking mechanism. After the braking mechanism is actuated, the wedge block inside it will cause the elevator to jam on the guide rail to avoid further falling of the elevator.


The buffer is installed in the pit of the elevator shaft. Its role is to prevent the bottom of the elevator. It can reduce the impact of the bottom of the elevator to reduce the damage to the elevator itself and the passengers in the elevator.

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