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Waiting for the elevator to see what kind of talent you have.

Sep 30, 2018

Waiting for the elevator is a small thing in our life. Maybe you have noticed that everyone's attitude when waiting for the elevator is not the same. Let's take the elevator to test what kind of talent you have.

Waiting for the elevator to see what kind of talent you have.

Topic: Recall, what is your most common behavior when waiting for an elevator?

A, can not help repeatedly 摁 button

B, sometimes lame on the ground

C, look up at the ceiling

D, look at the ground

E. Staring at the lights on the display floor, the elevator immediately rushed in as soon as the door opened.

Test Results:

A, public relations talent

You have the talent for public relations! You pay attention to the choice, it is very suitable for human resources, interpersonal communication work, may wish to try it! The throne of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is none other than you.

B, artistic talent

Your feelings are very sharp! I suggest you tap your talent in art, your intuition is very accurate, and you are good at seeing others' minds. Think about the artists who have many fans, is it itch?

C, science and technology talent

Your heart is kind, sensitive to numbers, and has a certain talent in science and engineering. Accounting, engineering and other work are all good choices for you! In order to be the next Buffett, come on!

D, technical talent

Your mind is delicate, you don't like to show your heart to people, and your thinking is rigorous. You are very suitable for some pure technical work such as programming. Gold is two thousand, it is better to be a skill, and in time, it will be able to gather!

E, management talent

You are safe and cautious in your work, and you have enthusiasm in your reason. If you can do management work in the future, you can win the favor of your subordinates! If one person is strong and useless, he will be in charge of the people, and he will be able to make a big difference and achieve great cause!

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