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Universal safety concept Safely take the elevator San Zi Jing to sing the Qingdao campus

Oct 24, 2018

"Take the elevator, stand still; check the period, look carefully. In the wake of the ladder, press the bell; handcuffs, can't..." This afternoon, a re-arranged and lyrics safely ride the "three-character", sing Ringed in Li Village Primary School.

In order to promote the concept of "life first, healthy growth, safe ride, harmonious family", promote the city's elevator safety education and elevator culture construction, improve the safety and emergency quality of youth elevators, and preventive capacity. Qingdao Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Qingdao City The Education Bureau co-hosted the 2018 Asian and middle school students in Qingdao, "Life is supreme, healthy growth, safe ride, harmonious Wanjia" animation works competition.

The event was hosted by Qingdao Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau. It was co-organized by Qingdao Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute and Qingdao Elevator Safety Emergency and Monitoring Center. Qingdao Special Equipment Association and Qingdao Animation Creative Industry Association Otis Electrical and Mechanical Elevator Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Licun Primary School were also in charge. At the same time, Qingdao Emergency Office, Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau, Lisong District Market Supervision Bureau and Qingdao Xi'ao Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd. also participated in the planning and development of the entire event. In the process.

Safely boarding the ladder into the campus

At the beginning of the event, Sun Haoan, Secretary General of Qingdao Special Equipment Association, gave a speech. In his speech, he introduced the purpose of “Special Service for Members; Good Service for the Government; Good Service for the Society”. The Association encourages elevator member companies to enter the campus, campus and community more. Elevator safety knowledge, let the public know more about how to use the elevator reasonably.

Qu Chunxiao, the principal of Licun Primary School, said: "I hope that through this "safety ride to promote the bus into the campus", "elevator safety lecture hall" and other activities, the security of 'care for family safety, caring for others' safety, caring for their own safety' The concept is passed on to the students, and the students are expected to pass on the knowledge they have learned to their families, to drive and supervise more people to learn to take the elevator safely."

In this event, Otis Electromechanical Elevator Co., Ltd. will also specially publish the "Anzai Take Your Elevator" elevator jointly published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education and Otis. I will give a copy of the safe children's book to Qingdao Licun Primary School. I hope that the students will learn the laddering knowledge and lead a safe rider.

"Look, listen, touch" Trinity learning safety

Then, the rich and interesting interactive game pushed the whole event to a climax. In the game, the students got to know the safe riding warning signs, understand the precautions of some easy-to-fail passengers, and learned and mastered the safe riding. The whole process runs through the interactive learning of “seeing, listening and touching”.

"Look" - watch "Anzai take you to the elevator" child safety ride animation and "Anzai take you to the elevator" elevator to take a safe children's book; "listen" - listen to the safety ride "three characters"; "touch "--Visit the "Safe Elevator Mobile Bus". After three steps of “seeing, listening and touching”, the children not only have a more comprehensive understanding of the elevator/elevator, but also have a deep understanding of the safety ride.

The reporter learned that the "Elevator Safety Bus into the Campus" also entered the Qingdao Huaxia Vocational School and the Qingdao High-tech Zone Hongdao Central Primary School, all of which achieved good publicity. Liu Suzhen, a fourth-grade classmate of Licun Primary School, said: "My favorite is the first interactive game. Look at the map to identify the ride sign. I think elevator safety is very important. I will combine elevator safety and animation design. Tell more students how to take the elevator safely."

Safety on the ladder is no small matter.

The event was specially invited to participate in the Qingdao Owners' Rights and Interests Protection Center, Qingdao City Property Association and China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Qingdao Company. According to the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Qingdao Special Equipment Association will actively cooperate with Qingdao Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Qingdao Special Inspection Institute to make useful attempts in elevator informationization, intelligence and Internet of Things with the help of 96633 big data platform. The organizers hope to achieve synergistic interaction and multi-governance with relevant organizations through such diversified attempts, thus forming a benign management of the elevator ecosystem, promoting the popularization of elevator safety knowledge from multiple directions, and expecting to guide passengers through comprehensive management. The correct use of the elevator, thereby reducing the failure rate of the elevator due to human factors.

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