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Trends in elevator technology

Mar 26, 2019

The elevator traction adopts nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt and the like without lubricating oil pollution traction method. Elevator installations will use no (less) environmentally contaminated materials. Elevator no-load rise and full-load downstream motor regenerative power generation recovery technology. Installing the elevator will eliminate the need to install a scaffold. Elevator parts have no effect on the environment during production and use (eg asbestos must not be used on the brake pads) and the material is recyclable.


The drive system uses a permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine. Compared with the conventional worm gear and worm drive traction machine, the permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine has the following advantages: a) The permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine is directly driven, without worm gear, worm drive pair, permanent magnet synchronization The motor does not have a very large stator coil for the asynchronous motor, and the main material for making the permanent magnet synchronous motor is high energy density high remanence induction and high coercivity NdFeB. The air gap magnetic density generally reaches 0.75T. Above, it can be made small and light. b) High transmission efficiency. Due to the direct drive of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (without the worm gear drive), the transmission efficiency can be increased by 20% to 30%. c) Permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine can reduce the noise of the whole machine by 5~10db(A) because there is no noise generated by the bearing when the asynchronous motor is running at high speed and no noise occurs when the worm gear is in contact with the transmission. . d) Low energy consumption. From the working principle of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the excitation is realized by the permanent magnet, and the excitation current is not required to be provided by the stator, so the power factor of the motor can be very high (in theory, it can reach 1). At the same time, the rotor of the permanent magnet synchronous motor has no current, and there is no problem of rotor wear. Generally, it is 45% to 60% lower than the asynchronous motor. Since there is no low-efficiency, high-energy worm gear drive pair, the energy consumption is further reduced. e) Permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine has a long service life and is basically not required for maintenance due to the absence of tooth profile wear and the need to periodically change the lubricating oil. In the near future, if the cost of producing a permanent magnet synchronous motor can be solved as soon as possible, the permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine will replace the traction machine composed of the worm gear and the asynchronous motor. Of course, in the future, superconducting force drag technology and magnetic levitation drive technology will also be applied to elevators.


The elevator industry will be informationized and networked. How the elevator control system is combined with network technology will be the mainstream trend of elevator design in the future. The elevator access to the Internet mainly achieves the following functions: a) Supervising all elevators with the network to ensure safe operation of the elevators and ensuring passenger safety. When the elevator fails, the elevator sends a signal to the customer service center through the network to enable the maintenance personnel to accurately understand the cause of the elevator failure and related information, whether the customer's personal safety is threatened, and rush to the accident site in the first time. Rescue, while comforting the passengers in the elevator through the network, to minimize the negative impact of elevator failure. It is also possible to automatically scan each elevator component within the specified time through the elevator network to detect accidents and prevent accidents, to reduce the stoppage time and improve the service quality of the enterprise. b) Elevator online trading (elevator business website). The traditional marketing system is now a person-to-person sales (or face-to-face sales), which is costly to sell due to the large number of sales people. If you use the elevator business website to spread the media, you can greatly reduce the cost of sales. On the web you can show the features, functions, shape and size of your products, as well as the required civil dimensions. If you fill in the relevant data of your project online, it will automatically calculate the elevator flow, and provide N elevator configuration (including elevator model, load capacity, speed, number of stops, waiting time, running time) according to the calculation results. User selection. If the user needs to get the quotation of each program immediately, you can also sign the sales contract online and pay the purchase price through online banking to complete the purchase and sale contract. Of course, you can also download any information you think is useful online for future purchase. c) Use the fast and accurate features of the network to reduce production costs. After China's accession to the WTO, all enterprises (especially joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises) are inevitable in order to reduce costs. Global procurement is avoided. In the procurement process, it is affected by various improper means. The use of elevator website bidding and bidding can ensure the purchase price is good. Elevator parts, which operate very inexpensively. It is also possible to network all the purchased parts and supporting factories that have been designated through the network. After receiving the order, the manufacturer can arrange the production schedule and parts production division table through the technical department to quickly and accurately obtain the purchased parts through the network. The production plant and the supporting factory shall issue the production instructions and indicate the delivery place (usually to reduce the freight from the production plant to the assembly plant to the construction site and directly to the construction site), and notify the professional installation team approved by the manufacturer to install the electricity through the network. (support) ladder. After the installation is completed, the installation team will apply for acceptance on the Internet to the manufacturer and relevant government departments. In short, many jobs from sales to installation and after-sales service can be completed through the network, and the cost is low, fast, accurate, and the service quality is good.


Bluetooth technology is applied on the elevator. Anyone who has installed an elevator knows that it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and extremely error-prone to work on the line. If the control panel and the summoning system are connected via Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless calling, it will be another revolution in elevator control and bring us great benefits. a) The installation period will be reduced by more than 30%. The direct benefit is to reduce the installation cost, and the customer also reduces the cost of the cycle from booking to using the elevator and increases the cash turnover rate. b) The use of Bluetooth technology in the elevator will definitely make the elevator control system use the latest and fastest microcomputer. This will further improve the reliability of the elevator, greatly reduce the failure rate, and further improve the control accuracy. The result is that the elevator is more Comfortable, flat layer is more accurate. At the same time, it is also possible to check the elevator status through the network in the future. In particular, the elevator maintenance can be better and more comprehensive, and further accelerate the enterprise elevator access to the Internet. c) Old ladder reconstruction is easier, and the time and cost will be reduced. According to the statistics table, 50,000 old ladders will enter the market for renovation and transformation every year. The use of this technology will generate huge social benefits and enterprise benefits. I believe that no company will give up this opportunity. e) A good solution to the compatibility and connection between elevator control and peripheral equipment. In particular, elevators and escalators can be integrated into building management systems or intelligently managed community systems.


The market urgently needs a simple and reliable universal elevator. The characteristics of this type of elevator are: the elevator configuration meets the minimum use requirements, but the price is very low, the failure rate is very low, the reliability is high, the durability is durable, the maintenance is basically unnecessary in the service life, and the use is convenient. The development direction of this type of elevator technology is mainly: a) the application of high-tech and new materials in the manufacture of elevator parts. If the surface of the parts is coated with high-tech paint, the service life is greatly extended. Elevator is controlled by a popular computer with low cost and high reliability instead of an expensive electronic board with low reliability and low reliability. b) Process improvement. Process improvements in parts have resulted in lower product prices and greater durability. Production processes and methods change. This type of elevator production method can be used in the same way as modern large-scale automobile production. And the output is very high, with an annual output of 4 to 50,000 elevators. c) Use standard parts in large quantities. Almost all of the parts of this type of elevator are available in the market for standard parts.

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