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too dangerous! Grandpa goes retrograde on the down escalator

Jul 06, 2018

A white-haired uncle carrying a plastic bag turned retrograde on the elevator. It can be seen from the live pictures taken by netizens that the elevator is going down, and the citizens on the left are taking the elevator, and the white-haired uncle, regardless of the danger, goes up one by one, and the citizens on the elevator see it. Have been evaded.

Grandpa is quite hard in the process of walking up, but he does not seem to want to stop. Although it is not clear why Grandpa made such an amazing move, there was no accident at the end and he arrived safely on the corresponding floor. However, users who broke the news wanted to warn the general public: when taking the elevator, do not go retrograde, stay, play and play on the moving sidewalk. Remember not to overlook safety, and if you fall, you are likely to be injured.

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