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This time, the fire officers and soldiers took out the triangular key to open the elevator door...

Aug 02, 2018

Old people, children, foreign friends, etc.

Many shopping people,

Trapped in the mall elevator.

Because the summer is hot,

The trapped person has appeared

Shortness of breath, panic, nausea, etc.


Someone in the elevator of Cixi Yintai City was trapped...

At 19:40 on the evening of July 29, Cixi police received an alarm from the public, and the Cixi fire squadron rushed to the rescue.

On the way to the scene, the firefighters tried to contact the policeman several times, but because of the signal blocking in the elevator, they could not get in touch with the trapped people.

After arriving at the scene, the firefighters learned from the insiders that the elevator was parked on the 6th floor. The trapped people were shopping for the crowd. There were 12 people, including the elderly, children, and foreign friends. The trapped time was about 10 minutes. Due to the hot summer, the trapped person has symptoms such as shortness of breath, panic, nausea, etc. If not rescued in time, it may be life-threatening.

     Because it was the peak shopping season, there were too many people taking the elevator. The firefighters decided to use the inclined elevator in the mall to run to the sixth floor. When the elevator was reached, the maintenance personnel had already manually controlled the damaged elevator in the control room on the top floor. The unit is processed to prevent the elevator from falling.

Taking into account the poor ventilation effect in the small space of the elevator and the emotional stress of the trapped person, the firefighter immediately took out the fire elevator key to open the elevator door. Subsequently, the trapped personnel were rescued with the help of firefighters and on-site police. Fortunately, no casualties occurred.

     In response to such accidents, the fire department reminds the masses: in case of elevator failure, be sure to keep calm and not panic.

     The trapped person should immediately press the alarm bell on the control panel inside the elevator, or dial the “119” alarm call to ask the fire department for assistance.

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