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The treatment method of Xizi Otis

Mar 11, 2019

This ladder often rushes to the top. We don't have an operator. We always guessed it. Later we asked the company for an operator.

On the Otis operator, and then said, personally feel that the operation of the domestic control system is really simple and very user-friendly. The first time I used Otis, the difficulty was much harder than the domestic system. It took 10 minutes to know how to look at the fault record, then I saw the fault code, went to the fault, and found the fault description is very professional. The noun, and then the meaning of the term took another 10 minutes, which is a lot of effort to repair.

Fault 1: Vcode abnormal2 V code fault 2 Level C drive is not in the leveling zone after zero speed, and the logic CPU does not send the next layer of stop code SD because it is not leveling, the control board CPU continuously detects this state for more than 6 seconds will trigger malfunction. V coder abnormal2 A, when the low speed operation, the door lock; B, no safety circuit board, and set the door opening function;

     Fault 2: Power lost Main power loss Level C After the power supply is lost, the bus voltage will decrease. When it is lower than DC380v, the fault will be triggered. When the power supply rises the bus voltage more than DC400v, the fault will disappear automatically. Power lost A, normal power off/on B. The control board has power, the drive has no power C, the cable is not plugged

Two faults, fault 1 I know that when I did not open the door at zero speed, I opened the door lock on the upper floor, and the fault 2 has a low input voltage of the inverter.

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