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The summer vacation is coming. Don't let the elevator become a place where children are injured.

Jun 25, 2018

Nowadays, it is common for the baby to take the elevator. However, these places are often accidental high points. The mother must know the safety knowledge of the elevator and avoid accidents.

Take the escalator

See clearly - step in - ride - leave

Before you go

    When taking the baby on the escalator, look at the baby's shoelace before you set foot on the escalator, and at the same time, gather the dresses in order to avoid hanging the clothes while the elevator is running.

    When you step on the escalator, you must move quickly. Tell your baby to step on your yellow feet and grasp the handrails. Do not touch any part of the escalator handrail to avoid danger.

While riding

    When the escalator is in operation, it is necessary to remind the baby not to rest the body on the armrests, because the handrails of some elevators do not fully synchronize with the running of the steps, and the body rests on the armrests and is prone to danger.

    Remind your baby to hold the handrail forward while facing forward. Do not walk freely. You must never reach the escalator with your head, hands or feet, and you must not play on the elevator.

When you leave

    Before preparing to leave the escalator, remind the baby to look at the comb plate and make preparations for the baby at any time.

    When leaving, remind the baby to raise the foot in advance, take the escalator in time, and not stay at the exit.

Take a straight staircase

Waiting - seeing - entering - closing - leaving

Before you go

    When waiting for the elevator, you must hold the baby's small hand in order to wait in front of the elevator door. At the same time, tell the baby not to rely on the elevator door. Do not let the baby press the up and down buttons in disorder so as not to affect the normal operation of the elevator.

    Wait until the elevator hall door is fully opened, and quickly enter after the stop. Do not allow your baby's hands, feet, or other parts of the body to block the door closing to prevent pinching.

While riding

    Tell the baby not to put his hand on the door, because when the elevator is running, the elevator door is connected with the hoistway. The relative speed is very fast. If the elevator door fails, passengers near the door are the most dangerous.

    Do not let the baby jump in the elevator, do not press the emergency button casually.

When you leave

    When leaving the elevator with your baby, be sure to wait until the elevator door opens. The elevator is level with the ground and then walk out. Don't stay at the elevator so as not to affect the passengers behind.

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