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The old building installs the elevator in several steps?

May 08, 2018

Chen Boyi, who was preparing to take the granddaughter out of school, stepped down on the sixth floor and was greatly relieved. Even though he was on crutches, he was still struggling. Chen Bo is 68 years old and lives in a 7-story old building in Longjin Street, Liwan District. As we grow older, we feel that our legs and feet are far less effective. Chen Bo said that going upstairs and downstairs became a difficult problem. Sometimes the little granddaughter anxiously went upstairs to write homework. He couldn't keep up. Only one person stopped at the back and climbed the stairs one by one. It often takes more than half an hour and is very hard.

Recently, several old buildings around the country have been installed with scaffolding to prepare elevators. Chen Bo has rekindled hope. However, Chen Bo did not know anything about this. He only heard that he had to run several departments and he had to go back and forth several times. The first step to do anything is hard to beat Chen Bo. So he came to the old building in Liwan District in Baosheng New Home to install an elevator service center to understand the entire process of installing an elevator.

The installation of elevators, "long roads are long," which not only has a lot of tedious work, but also needs to coordinate the relationship between the neighbors, in many neighborhoods seems to be "difficult." Many of the newly-installed neighborhoods enjoyed the convenience of elevators and sighed with the hardships of “adding a ladder” at that time. There were also many neighbourhoods that had installed ideas because the process of installing elevators was not clear, and they were deterred from doing so. The installation of elevators starts with the solicitation of tenants' opinions and it is necessary to “pass through” all the way until the elevator is successfully installed, which may take eight or nine months or even longer. The landlords who “lead” the ladder installation must assume various roles as “coordinators, accountants, cashiers, and supervisors...”.

The first step

Coordinate the owners' wishes

What kind of residential buildings meet the conditions for installing elevators? In addition to satisfying the multi-ownership elevator-free homes on floors 4 and above, they must meet certain requirements. For example, elevators must not invade the road space of municipal construction; if elevators need to occupy passageways for residents to travel, the width of the remaining passages must at least be guaranteed. There is 1.5 meters; if the passage is to be over motor vehicles, then this passage should be at least 4 meters wide. These are the hard conditions for installing ladders.

In addition, with the addition of elevators, not all owners can get involved. This requires the first selection of 3 to 5 owners as the “leader”. These "leaders" are better off with energy and leisure, and they must have their power of attorney as proof. Chen Bo said that there are no representatives in the building. After all, installing the elevator is not a trivial matter. Many people are also discussing it together. The documents to be prepared at this stage include building an elevator consent form. Both materials need to be signed by more than two-thirds of the owners, and the signed owner’s house area also accounts for two-thirds of the total area of the residential building. the above. These two-thirds are also referred to as "double 2/3". They are necessary conditions for applying elevators. If the number of signatures is not up to the standard, even if the number of signatures is not reached, there will be no success. At the same time, the owners who agreed to add elevators are required to provide proof of identity cards, real estate certificates, and other proofs during the examination and approval stage.

Chen Bo heard some difficulties. "What does this consent form look like? I haven't done it yet." The elevator service center in the old buildings in Liwan District has a template for such documents as the “Power of Attorney” and “Confirmation of the Installation of Elevators”. Some elevator companies stated that they will also provide templates for the required documents.

For many landlords, this is particularly difficult. “Some people said that after they finished building the elevator, they blocked the light, they did not ventilate, and they were unsatisfied with the price allocation plan. Some people did not say any reason. It was not equipped (elevator) anyway!” said the owner of a residential building in Liwan District. The gentleman recalled that although they had installed the elevators, the coordination of the initial consultations cost him a lot of speech.

Chen Bo was deeply impressed by this. Two years ago, the owner had solicited opinions from other owners. “Everybody has a strong demand for elevators, but they have not reached an agreement on how to share the cost,” because some residents feel that There is no need to install elevators, and they are reluctant to give up the money. Some owners think that the scheme is not reasonable and "feel like a loss to others." In this way, a push pushed for two years, Chen Bo said with regret.

In 2016, the "Measures for the Addition of Elevators to Existing Houses in Guangzhou City" proposed by the city of Guangzhou proposed a reference proposal for the price allocation plan: "The third layer is used as the parameter 1, the second layer is 0.5, the first layer is 0, and the fourth Each floor is increased by 0.1 factor for each additional floor.” That is to say, if the cost of installing an elevator in a 7-storey building with 2 houses on each floor is 600,000 yuan, the household on the first floor is not Need to spend money, the second floor of each household will need to pay 23,000 yuan, the third floor is 46,000 yuan, 4th floor is 51,000 yuan, 5th floor is 55,000 yuan, 6th floor is 60,000 yuan, the highest on the 7th floor, need to pay 6.5 million.

In general, the price allocation plan will be adjusted according to the actual situation of different residential buildings. For the 7- to 9-storey residential building that is commonly found in the old city of Guangzhou, Luo, a manager of an elevator company in Guangzhou, provided another calculation method. He suggested using the 5th floor as a benchmark, and increase the cost of each floor by 20%. 20% reduction per floor. If the installation of elevators has a great impact on low-level owners, it can even be compensated by high-level users collectively. “If lighting, ventilation, etc. are affected, it is normal to compensate for some of them appropriately.” According to this plan, if an old building with 7 floors and 2 floors on each floor is to be installed with 600,000 elevators, tenants will need to pay 10,000 yuan on the first floor, 21,000 yuan on the second floor, and 3.2 on the third floor. Ten thousand yuan is 43,000 yuan on the 4th floor, 54,000 yuan on the 5th floor, 64,000 yuan on the 6th floor, and 75,000 yuan on the 7th floor. Manager Luo said that a large part of the disagreement with the installation of elevators is that of low-level tenants. Nearly half of the customers they came in contact with have not reconciled the low-level tenants' fees and compensation issues, and eventually they have no choice but to give up the elevators. The idea.

In addition, playing the “humanity card” will also “God assists” in relieving the conflicts in the neighborhood and reconciling opinions. Luo Shuzhe, who lived on his letter to the South Road, said that as a “passer” who successfully installed the ladder, during the process of his coordination, he would also send one or two elderly people to communicate with the dissident owners. He believes that patience and perseverance are very important. “To clarify the situation with the owners who do not agree with it, it is not enough to do it twice at a time.” At most, Luo Zhongzhe talked with a homeowner five or six times, from the beginning he did not let the door enter and both sides stood. At the door, reasoned, and later entered the door to talk, and finally the owner nodded his signature. Luo Zhongzhe said that it is also necessary to pay attention to methods. "We must not be angry to talk about it, and we must not intensify the contradictions between the low and middle-level owners." He said that many times, we must change our concepts, install elevators in old buildings, and more importantly, in order to stay home. Pension, improve livable environment.

Not only that, from the perspective of the owners, empathy and mutual understanding are also the “magic weapons” that reconcile “success”.

“How can the elevators be installed and the plans can be coordinated?” said Luo Zhongzhe. According to the owner’s opinion, their elevator scheme chose a jump corridor to bypass the owner who had disagreed with the corridor from his own window. During the installation of the ladder, some of the owners' representatives only targeted two-thirds of the owners. It was inevitable that the owners would feel that they were not valued and that their rights were not protected and could cause a rebound. Luo Zhongzhe said that it is necessary to establish a goal of 100% of owners agreeing.

At the same time, Luo Zhongzhe proposed that, compared with summing up several dissenting owners, the one-on-one effect would be better.

There are also reasons that the people are opposed because they worry that the installation of elevators in old buildings will create safety problems. In particular, low-level users will doubt whether or not the cross beams will affect the structure of the buildings. Some citizens suggested that the streets, planning and other departments can increase publicity and popularize the knowledge of ladders.

In the early consultation process, it is best to discuss other matters together. For example, establishing an elevator user and manager, adding a budget plan for raising an elevator and raising funds, maintaining and sharing the elevator plan in the later period, and coordinating the owners who have different opinions, etc. Reduce the variables such as paying the cost later and contracting with the elevator company. Luo Zhongzhe said that if the preliminary work is not sufficient, it is easy to "hit the nail."

Second step

Signing an elevator company

With the support of the owners, the next step is for the landlord to look for the elevator company to discuss the addition of the elevator. Subsequently, with the above materials, the owner’s representative can find a qualified architectural design unit to discuss the addition of elevators. At present, most of the legally compliant elevator companies in Guangzhou have the qualifications for designing elevators. The elevator company will send a commissioner to measure on site to assess whether the building has the conditions for installing an elevator and to give an initial design proposal. In the old buildings in the Liwan District, an elevator service center has been installed, and 10 elevator companies have settled in it.

Luo said that the current total cost of adding elevators is around RMB 550,000 to RMB 800,000. The quotation will vary according to different building conditions and elevator types.

At present, the types of elevators installed in Guangzhou include concrete structures, glass steel structures, and “building block” elevators. Among them, the cheap price of concrete structures is also the most popular scheme at present, but it has a greater impact on lighting and ventilation. Glass steel structure refers to the steel structure and glass curtain wall. This design has less impact on the lighting of low-rise households, but the price is much more expensive. Moreover, people in the industry have warned that the high temperature in the summer in the south is long, and sightseeing elevators need to consider the ventilation and heat dissipation functions in the well to avoid overheating. The last one is the new type of “building block type” elevator, which will carry out well assembly on the site. The required space is small, light and flexible, there are two service modes of leasing and buying, and the price is also high or low, but due to manufacturers and products Fewer, but also need to consider the follow-up when there are replacement parts demand when the supply situation.

When determining the type of elevator, you must also pay attention to whether the building has its own elevator shaft. It is understood that most of the old residential buildings in Guangzhou do not have elevator shafts. The owners need to apply to the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources and Planning for construction project planning permission. If the building has its own elevator shaft but it has not built an elevator, this permission is not required.

Owners’ representatives are required to bring copies of real estate licenses and IDs of the three owners on three different floors to the District Planning Bureau to revise the relevant files of the buildings, such as architectural drawings, topographic maps, and geological survey reports. The elevator company will design the installation plan based on these materials. After the preliminary preparation, feasibility analysis, data collection and preliminary consultation are completed, the owner representative can determine the cooperation intention with the elevator company and sign the agreement. The contents of the agreement include design drawings and project contracts. The two parties have clear responsibilities. The installation of elevators has also officially started. Manager Luo told Chen Bo that if all goes well, it will take at least three months from the design of the elevator company to construction to completion.

A representative of the owner complained that it was apparent that the building company had paid the construction fee to the elevator company. However, because the residential building did not meet the conditions for the installation of the ladder, the construction did not pass, the elevator could not be installed, and the construction fee was also “failed”. Therefore, the above-mentioned work to avoid "thundering" is very important.

In addition, when signing a contract with an elevator company, it is also necessary to see whether the cost of the installation ladder includes the price of the invoice. There is an elevator company contract clearly stated that the quotation does not include tax. Zhao Shanqi, chief lawyer of Guangdong Jinhongqiao Law Firm, said that if there is no special agreement, the quotation should include the contents of the invoice.

third step

Application for approval

Buildings with elevator shafts can go directly to the construction process, while most old residential buildings in Guangzhou do not have elevator shafts. Many elevator companies indicated that they would be responsible for the entire process, assisting them and supplementing materials. Many small things can "do it." However, in important aspects, such as filing applications filed with the planning department, the owner still needs to represent himself and sign on the site.

After discussing with the elevator company's design plan, the owners need the approval of the local sub-district office and the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Planning. In respect of the Sub-district Office, the owner’s representative needs to hand-write “Adding Elevator Proof” and sign it, and the sub-district office should confirm the seal. The approval of the planning department is more professional. Apart from materials such as design drawings and floorplans that the elevator company should prepare, the owner representatives need to fill out the “Application Letter” and the “Application Form for the Registration of Land and Resources Planning Committee of Guangzhou City”. In the "Application Letter", it is necessary to explain the basic situation of the application, the reasons for handling, basic requirements and other matters that require special instructions.

Among the materials submitted, in addition to the already-issued “Construction Letter for Building Elevators”, there are two written documents that require the “Dual 2/3” owner’s signature and “pressed by handprint” to agree to install elevators. Design schemes and cost sharing schemes include the project budget and fundraising plans, maintenance methods and apportionment plans, and fund compensation plans for the affected parties.

If the materials are complete and the design plan complies with relevant regulations, the owner will receive the “Circular on Issuing Pre-delivery Public Map” issued by the planning department. And it was posted on the prominent position of the residential building with the written documents and design plans of the owners who agreed to add an elevator. The announcement was made for not less than 20 days. If there is no effective objection within 20 days, the "Planning Project Planning Permit" issued by the district planning department can be obtained. After going to the sub-district office and the fire department for registration, the elevator company can begin construction according to the design drawings.

It should be noted that before submitting materials, it is necessary to confirm whether the number of signed owners has reached "double 2/3" and whether other related materials are complete, and avoid making any mistakes. At the same time, some people have proposed whether they can use the “pre-batch formula” fees and the relevant departments can make corresponding subsidies.

the fourth step

Construction installation

In addition to the pre-batch formula, during the construction of the elevator, post-approval public notices are required to indicate the project contents and construction time. However, if there is an objection raised by the owner during the period, it will be ineffective.

After the elevator is built, it does not mean that once it is done once and for all, it still faces the problems of maintenance and management. Before the elevators are put into use, the special equipment safety supervision and administration department shall also register elevators. In addition, the owners of the community who agreed to add elevators also used written agreements to determine the users and managers of the elevators.

In the installation of elevators, it may also be encountered that wires, telephone lines, optical fibers and other lines hinder the installation of elevators. At this time, the relevant departments will need to move these lines. Some citizens said that the cost of relocating their residential buildings had to be calculated at 80,000 yuan, which was a bit expensive for them. Citizens propose whether they can support them through government subsidies.

Add elevator guide

1. Election of the owner's representative through the power of attorney and the establishment of an "elevator installation preparatory committee."

2. Professionals will prejudge whether the residential building meets the conditions for loading ladders and conduct preliminary analysis of the owners within the building. Learn which owners are affected by the installation ladder and whether there is a better solution.

3. Sign an agreement with the elevator company, determine the design plan, and negotiate with the owners who have objections.

4. Apply for the "Planning Project Planning Permit" to the district planning department. Need documents:

(1) Application Letter and Registration Form

(2) The applicant's identity document

(3) Design drawings provided by elevator company and relevant safety code certification

(4) Copy of ID/2/3 owner's ID card and proof of real estate, as well as written documents agreeing to add elevators and submitting design proposals

(5) Written materials for consultation with relevant owners

(6) Other statutory information

After the requirements are met, pre-arrival publicity will be conducted and the opinions of the stakeholders of the elevator will be comprehensively consulted. The publicity period will be no less than 20 days.

5. Handle the "Planning Project Planning Permit" and file it with the Sub-district Office and the fire department.

6. Civil engineering construction: According to the actual situation, the company will handle shifting pipelines, adding elevators and other independent electricity meters.

7. Delivery and acceptance link, determine the use of managers and maintenance agencies, daily management, maintenance.

8. Run to use.

Guangzhou features

Liwan District

Before Chen Bo visited the installation of an elevator, he heard that there was a subsidy of RMB 100,000 for the elevator-equipped building in Liwan District. Chen Bo told reporters, “With this money, go and discuss elevator installation with others. It should be easy to be a lot." According to the subsidy policy for installing elevators in the old buildings in Liwan District, the installation of an elevator will have a subsidy of RMB 100,000.

Liwan District has built a one-stop service platform for elevators in old buildings of government, enterprises, and volunteers—the installation of an elevator service center for old buildings. In addition to elevator companies, the center also invited a group of volunteers who have experience in installing elevators to participate. Citizens can use the service center to fully understand the preparatory methods, technical requirements, application procedures, construction methods, daily maintenance, and other knowledge of installing elevators in old buildings.

Yuexiu District

If Chen Bo is in the Yuexiu District, he can go to the Yuexiu District Government Affairs Service Center to add an elevator window to the existing house to carry out elevator installation consultations. There are also staff from the District Land Planning Bureau, the District Construction Water Bureau, and the District Market Supervision Bureau. Guide newspaper construction procedures and prequalification declaration materials. In addition, special windows are also set up in 18 district government affairs service centers in the region. In this way, Chen Bo can learn all the materials and procedures required for the addition of elevators at the district government affairs service center, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

Panyu District

If Chen Bo is in Panyu District, the Panyu District will be led by the government department. The local elevator companies will directly communicate with the owners of the elevators, and will directly send the company's concessions to the door. Chen Bo sat in his home and there would be an elevator company to come to understand the situation and enjoy the special offer of additional elevators. In addition, Panyu District also sent out three preferential incentive measures to fully compensate for the increase in the cost of adding elevators to low-income, low-income families with difficulties in participating in existing homes.

Tianhe District

If Chen Bo is in the Tianhe District, he will be able to obtain the “Guidelines for the Installation of Existing Homes in the Tianhe District to Install Elevators” and “Guidelines for the Installation of Elevators in Existing Homes in the Tianhe District” from the Sub-District Office, including how to add them to the Tianhe District. Mounting elevators have detailed guidelines and plans.

It is understood that Tianhe District has implemented the “Additional Push” to the newly installed elevator project that meets the standards in the district. For the completion of the installation of the elevator and the registration of the special equipment, it is based on the principle of an elevation of 100,000 yuan for an elevator ladder. Make it up."

It will also conduct training on the installation of elevators in all street offices and community residents' committees, and train staff to become “fitting and laddering experts”. By then, Chen Bo only needs help with street offices and neighborhood committees to get the most professional Service and guidance.

Haizhu District

If Chen Bo is in Haizhu District, Chen Bo can understand the situation of installing elevators in Haizhu District according to Haizhu District's “Guidelines for Adding Elevators to Existing Residences in Haizhu District of Guangzhou”. In the "Guide", details of the departments involved in the business, address and consultation phone, eliminating the need to run around, saving time. At the same time, Haizhu District has announced drafts for consultations, which will provide subsidies for the installation of elevators for old buildings that meet the standards. One lift and one lift will give a subsidy of 100,000 yuan.

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