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The longest escalator

Dec 29, 2016

The central to mid-levels escalator and walk system of Hong Kong is currently the world's longest outdoor escalator system, it connects the central business district and the mid-levels residential area. System with a total length of 800 meters, vertical gap is 135 metres, consists of 20 escalators and consists of three walkways. System to work in the morning and afternoon in different directions when walking. From one end to the other takes about 20 minutes.

Second longest outdoor escalator system in the world is located in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

United States Washington mass transit railway one of the escalators at the station is 70 meters long, is the longest single escalator in the Western hemisphere. Subway station in Prague, Czech Republic in 1998, with 100 m long escalator.

Escalators and lifts are vertical transportation pedestrian transport. Both have strengths, usually used on different occasions. Compared with the lift, escalator occupies more space and speed (especially vertical velocity) is very slow. But because the escalator is up and running, no passengers had to wait like a lift car arrival escalator ridership is much higher. Abortion is high, vertical distance no longer places such as shopping malls and stations, tend to use escalators. As for other less busy, but the vertical distance from the big occasions, such as an office building, most use the lift.

Escalator speed ranges from 27 m to 55 m/min