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The historical development of elevator

Dec 29, 2016

Elevator into the people's life has been for 150 years. A century and a half of ups and downs, and earthshaking historical changes, eternal commitment, however lift the quality of human life.

In 1854, the Crystal Palace at the world's fair in New York, Americans, yilaisha·geleifusi·AO

To demonstrate his invention for the first time. He stood fully loaded lift platforms, command Assistant platform lifting height to the audience can be seen, then signaled that aides with a hatchet and cut off the lift, lift cables. Surprising is that the lifts did not crash, but firmly in the air – Mr Otis invented the elevator safety device played a role. "All security, gentlemen. "Standing on the lift platform, Otis waved to the people watching around. Who would have dreamed of, this is the first safety elevator in human history.

Lift tools used by humans, transport of goods, personnel's very long history. As early as 2600 BC, Egypt when people built the pyramids using the movements of the original system, the basic principles of the system remains unchanged: that a counterweight to decline at the same time, rising load platform. Early lift tools on human power. In 1203, in France a convent on the banks of the sea a donkey-powered crane is installed, this end transport heavy loads by human history. United Kingdom scientists after Watt's invention of steam engine, crane device starts to use steam power. Followed by weilian·tangmuxun developed by hydraulic lifts, hydraulic pressure medium is water. On the basis of these lifts, generation after generation of innovative engineers in continuous improvement of lift technology. However, a critical security issue has not been resolved, that once the lift when the lifting cable breaks load platforms will crash ...