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The future development of the elevator industry

Jul 02, 2018

The great wave of traditional manufacturing has been silent for many years. Under the flamboyant point of the Internet, the spark has rekindled. The Internet of Things is the spark that the Internet can recover from in the traditional manufacturing industry. Therefore, each country has a spirited face to this. On July 4, 2015, with the approval of Premier Li Keqiang, the “Guidance on Actively Promoting “Internet + Action” issued by the State Council became the latest trend of “Internet+”. On July 21, the China Internet of Things Development Summit Forum was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The "China Internet Association Internet of Things Working Committee" was formally established. With the establishment of the Internet of Things Working Committee, the development of the China Internet of Things was completed and upgraded, and the company developed itself. The disordered state enters a new stage of organization, goal, and planning. In the future, the Internet of Things Working Committee will bring together the government, industry associations, and technology companies to release the industry dividend and let the Chinese Internet of Things industry develop healthily and orderly, so that the people can benefit from it.

Under the momentum of the Internet, the development of the Internet of Things in manufacturing has become an irresistible historical trend. In the face of the current development situation of the manufacturing industry, Xizi Elevator has taken the first step in innovation ahead of the country.

Economic efficiency is the foundation

Xizi Elevator's advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, first-class automated production line, data communication technology, ERP, MES, the real promotion and development of the Internet of Things in the elevator industry, its advanced performance brings higher quality products and better products. Economic benefits. Xizi Elevator creatively moves to the Internet of Things, placing the production process under a real-time, transparent regulatory system to make production more accurate and efficient, and fully guarantee product performance and production cycle.

The production cycle of the product is reduced, creating room for higher performance. In this era of modern products and services, the precision and higher performance of production can bring great competitiveness to Xizi Elevator.


Social benefits are the responsibility

The economy is the foundation, and for responsible big companies, shoulders also bear the burden of promoting better social development and maintaining social benefits. In the special manufacturing industry of elevators, safety matters. The development of big data and the Internet of Things has brought better solutions to problems such as advance warning of elevator failures, automatic emergency alarms, and prevention of secondary vicious accidents in elevators. Xizi Elevator is reshaping a new form of new-generation information technology such as elevator internet of things, cloud computing, social computing, and big data, which is the “Internet” of the elevator industry. With the help of the development of these new technologies, the elevator industry will be better resolved. Never forget the security issue.

Regardless of historical development trends or economic and social benefits, Xizi Elevator believes that the Internet of Things will be the key to the development of the elevator industry in the future, and will also be the top priority of Xizi Elevator's own development. There are two sides to the problem, and the Internet of Things becomes a solution to maximize the benefits of the future, and it will also bring challenges to Xizi Elevator. The huge production system, the accumulation and utilization of big data, the gradual paving of the user side, all the great progress will not happen overnight. Xizi Elevator has taken a wonderful first step, but every step of the future should be brave and cautious.

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