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The escalator

Dec 29, 2016

Escalator (Escalator), also known as the escalator, or automatic elevators, escalators and escalator, is run with loop ladder, to tilt up or down to transport passengers to fixed electrical drive equipment.

General Electric Fu ladder is inclined. Pedestrians walking on the one end of the escalator stand automatically cascade, will automatically be taken to the stairs at the other end, way to cascade all the way is level. Fu escape in moving handrails on both sides with the cascade of synchronization, for users to help grip. Escalators can be walked in one direction forever, but most are based on needs such as time, people, from managers to control the direction of travel. Escalators are another similar pedestrian transportation \ lost tools, automatic sidewalk (Automatic Sidewalk). The difference between the primarily travelators is not cascade; most will only walk on level ground or slightly inclined.

Escalators from ladder road (variant of slat conveyor) and on both sides of the arm (deformation of the belt conveyor). Its main components are cascaded, drag chain and sprocket, guide systems, main drive system (including motor, speed reducer, brake and transmission links, and so on) driven spindle tensioning device, ladder road, railing systems, brush plates, ladder frame and electrical systems. Cascade for horizontal movement at the passenger entrance (convenient passenger lifts) later formed a ladder neared the entrance ladder has gradually disappeared, Cascade further horizontal movement. These movements are determined by cascade main wheels, auxiliary wheel along the different steps walking guides to achieve.