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The elevator that has been installed for 21 years has never been opened. The old man has gone down 20 times in 15 years. 94 households are looking forward to the opening of the elevator

Aug 03, 2018

Zhao Yiqun, who lives on the 5th floor and 61 years old, spends more than half an hour every morning going downstairs, staying outside for a day, going home for dinner in the evening, and spending more than half an hour climbing upstairs.

The elevator that was not activated in 21 years was blocked by a palm mattress. The parts of the elevator were removed and the elevator was basically empty.

The 66-year-old Xu Xukai has been backed up by his family only after the Chinese New Year. The picture shows him standing at the window and looking downstairs every day.

    The elevator building that lives in the house has to climb the stairs every day. The 10-story residential building has been installed for 21 years and has never been activated. Now it has become empty shell waste. Xu Xukai, a 66-year-old resident of Loudong, had a stroke of 3 times. He was only downstairs 20 times in 15 years due to inconvenience.

    The elevator, which has been forgotten for 21 years, belongs to Building B of Xinli Building, Tianjin Community, Yiyuan Street, Jiang'an District. 94 households complained because of the inconvenience of travel. Most of them are elderly people.

    The reporter learned that there is no property committee in the building. In the past 21 years, residents have repeatedly applied for elevator maintenance without substantial progress. Many people have changed from middle-aged to old people, and elevator restart has become their heart disease. In order to promote the elevator operation as soon as possible, on May 7 this year, seven resident representatives spontaneously formed the preparatory group of the industry committee, they are running for the elevator.

    Stroke for 15 years, I want to go downstairs and turn into a luxury

    Xu Xukai, a 66-year-old man who lives on the 7th floor, started living with his wife in 1997. He used to be cheerful and lively. He is an enthusiastic person in the neighborhood of the neighborhood, and he is comfortable going up and down every day.

In 003, Xu Xu opened a stroke, causing limb disorders and inconvenience. He took a break every time he walked down the stairs, and slowly, he began to reluctant to go out. Since then, he has suffered two consecutive strokes, and his body has gone from bad to worse, making his actions more difficult. Due to the time-consuming and laborious task of going out, Xu Xu opened himself to “close” at home, accompanying TV and newspapers every day. Most of the time, he was sitting in bed and was sitting in a daze.

    Xu Xukai’s wife, Chen’s grandmother, recalled that in 2015, Lao Xu’s third stroke at home, the hospital’s emergency personnel climbed the stretcher to the 7th floor, and then lifted the old Xu down the stairs. It took more than 30 minutes to get on the ambulance, medical staff. Tired and sweaty. "For 15 years, the old man has gone down the stairs up to 20 times. It is too difficult for his son to go back to him every year. It is not easy to go out and go out." Chen’s grandmother with tears complained about the many years of depression: Lao Xu stayed at home for a long time. I often feel depressed, my personality becomes silent, and I am especially afraid of cold.

    The reporter saw in the old home of Xu Xukai that the light in the house was extremely dark and airtight. More than 20 degrees of weather, Xu Xukai is still wearing a thick coat, not willing to talk, just staring out the window. Grandma Chen said, "He is eager to go out."

    Xu Xukai’s son said: “My biggest wish is to use the elevator. I can take my father down the stairs and let him regain his smile.”

    Inconvenient to go out, many old people are complaining

    Zhao Yiqun, a 61-year-old retired man, lives on the 5th floor. After a stroke in 2009, his left leg was inconvenient, but he couldn't help himself at home. He always wanted to breathe through the door. Zhao Yiqun is very tempered, don't want people to help, every day at 7 o'clock in the morning with a cane, holding the stair railing, step by step slowly down the stairs. "It will take more than half an hour for the next building. It will take more than half an hour for the last building. It takes more than an hour to climb back and forth every day. Without a lift, it is not easy for me to come out." Zhao Yiqun mentioned the elevator very helpless.

    In order to stay outside, he will not hurry back in the morning, buy some glutinous rice dumplings or other noodles at noon, sit downstairs after lunch and sleep, wake up and chat with residents, around 5 pm Then climb upstairs and go home to eat.

    Liu Jianyong, a resident living on the 5th floor, talked about the elevator. He was angry. In April 2014, when he was 53 years old, he took his old father to go to the hospital. When he lifted his wheelchair and went downstairs, he accidentally fell and his feet were crushed. The fracture, the father did not see the disease, but he was admitted to the hospital. “Father has been blaming himself for this, and he is still looking forward to the elevator before he dies.”

    Resident Ge Hong’s grandmother saw the reporter’s interview and was busy complaining: “My mother is 91 years old and has not gone downstairs in 5 years. Let us think about ways to let the elevator start.”

    Elevator that has never been forgotten and forgotten for 21 years

   The reporter learned that in 1995, the Xinli Building was opened after the demolition of this place. It was completed in September 1997 and is divided into two buildings. Building A is an 18-story commercial and residential building, and Building B is a 10-story building. The house was built by Xinli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Currently, 54 houses in Building B are managed by the second branch of Wuhan Chengtou Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., and the remaining 40 households are not in the name of the company due to property rights changes.

    The 1st to 18th floors of Building A and the 9th and 10th floors of Building B have been sold. Building B is a back-shaped building with a patio in the middle. Each house is small in size. The first to second floors are office areas of the police station. The residents live in the 3rd to 8th floors. There are 94 households, most of them are old people, and the economy is not well-off.

    The two elevators in Building A and the one elevator in Building B were installed and delivered by the same manufacturer at the same time. Building A was used since the residents stayed in the elevator and the property company was operating normally. Since Building B is still building, there is no property company and industry committee, and the elevator has not been activated.

    In 2002, some elderly people and residents in Building B gradually reported problems to the community streets, but 16 years later, there was no substantial progress. The elevator has been "sleeping" like this, and now it is blocked by a palm mattress, as if it never existed. Some residents told the Wuhan Evening News reporter: When the A building elevator was damaged and repaired, the original A building property company saved the parts and equipment of the B elevator for the maintenance and replacement of the A elevator in order to save money and money. Over time, B The elevator in the building was almost unloaded into an empty shell.

    Ask for help, look forward to the elevator restart

    At the beginning of December 2017, the 71-year-old resident Cao Grandma and some resident representatives reported the situation to the Tianjin Community Neighborhood Committee of Yiyuan Street. The Tianjin Community Residents Committee stamped the residents' opinions into a brief report and asked the resident representatives to go directly to the Yiyuan Street Sub-district Office.

    From May 2nd to 4th this year, the Tianjin Community Residents Committee conducted a survey on the elevators of the residents of Building B of Xinli Building, and registered the opinions. 81 of the 94 households signed the agreement and strongly requested to activate the elevator. .

    On May 7, seven resident representatives, including Cao Grandma, spontaneously formed the preparatory group of the industry committee, and they began to restart the elevator for many places.

    On May 18, members of the preparatory team went to the Yuanyuan Street Letters and Calls Office to inquire about the progress of the matter, and the staff responded that the situation had been reflected in the district.

    The reporter interviewed multiple departments to find the reason

    Xiao Shuji, Tianjin Community Neighborhood Committee, Yiyuan Street:

    Enabling the elevator involves funding problems, the community can only guide the owners, this thing still has to be run by the owners. The street has not been notified yet, and there will be news to inform residents.

    The staff of the second branch of Wuhan Chengtou Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.:

    Building B was transferred to our company for management in 2015, and the situation was not well understood. Our company only owns 54 property rights of Building B. The elevator does not belong to us. You have to ask the property company. We will inform residents in a timely manner with new progress.

    Manager Zhang, the owner of the A Building of Xinli Building:

    (After the former property company was dismissed, the company settled in July 2015)

    “After the opening of the B building, the property company of Building A can take over the property management task of Building B. Considering that Building B is still building a house, the residents of Building B can pay the property fee of RMB 1 per square meter per month, and will add two Security guard, 1 cleaning staff."

    The reporter consulted other departments as a family member.

    Special Equipment Division of Jiang'an District Safety Production Supervision Administration (Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau):

    The Safety Supervision Bureau is not responsible for the maintenance of the elevators, and is only responsible for investigating the safety hazards of the equipment in use. The elevator has not been activated for 21 years, and some parts have been lost. It seems that it is necessary to replace the new elevators, raise funds, set up maintenance funds, and ask the streets to coordinate and let the community or the industry committee go to the district housing management bureau to open the maintenance-free fund certificate.

    Jiang'an District Housing Security and Housing Administration Property Section:

    The owner's committee can come to the bureau to open a certificate of no maintenance fund, how to open it, and then tell the details in person after the bureau.

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