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The elevator must have passed these checks to be safe Millions of inspections multiple protections

May 18, 2018

Elevator safety has always been a hot issue that people are concerned about. What kind of test does an elevator need to undergo to be considered safe? Many people may not know it. On the morning of the 16th, Xinlan.com - China Blue News client reporter came to the National Elevator Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Zhejiang Special Equipment Inspection Institute and revealed the "truth" behind the elevator security inspection at this Haining inspection base.

“The most common types of elevator accidents fall into three categories: shearing accidents, falling passengers and falling out of control elevators.” Ye Lizhong, a senior engineer of the National Elevator Quality Inspection Center Type Testing Laboratory of Haining Base, the provincial special inspection agency, told the reporter that in order to prevent the occurrence of these three types of accidents The detection of key components such as door locks, drive brakes, and safety gear, and safety protection devices is particularly important.

    One Million Tests Preventing Cutting Accidents

     The elevator door is the entrance or exit of passengers or goods. The elevator door system not only has the function of opening and closing doors, but also provides protection against falling people falling on the hoistway and being cut. The elevator door lock device is to ensure the reliable closing and locking of the elevator door. "The elevator to a certain floor door open, passengers enter the car, the door automatically closes, the door lock's contacts will detect the door is closed and locked, this time the elevator can start running." Ye Lizhong told reporters if the door is not completely In the closed state, the elevator starts running and it is prone to shearing accidents. In 2015, in the Xinhuafang Community in Hangzhou, a woman suffered a cut accident when she was riding an elevator, which led to the tragedy.

In order to ensure the safety of the door lock device, in the type test room, each type of elevator door lock device must perform one million locking experiments. “The main function of the door lock is to prevent personnel from cutting accidents and personnel fall. Well accident.” Ye Lizhong told reporters.

2 million experiments to achieve "zero speed" braking of elevators.

In addition to the door lock device, driving the main engine brake is also an important component to protect the safe operation of the elevator. “If the elevator can't stop normally, the main engine brake can't be normally closed, that is, the elevator is out of control.” Ye Lizhong got an accident in Hangzhou Xinhuafang Community The example of the elevator: At that time, the brake brake core clearance was found to be 5 mm, and the normal should be 0.6 mm, the clearance was significantly larger, and the increase in clearance would cause brake shoe wear in the elevator operation. In the braking state, the rolling stock test can easily move the lift upwards, which means that the braking of the brake shoe has almost failed.

Drive the host as the power of the elevator movement. When the car arrives at the station, it must reduce the motor speed to zero and drive the host brake to achieve "zero speed" braking. Once the elevator fails, the drive unit will use the brake (brake) to force the elevator to stop. Therefore, the reliability of the brake is related to the safety of the life and property of the elevator user. In the type test room, more than 2 million reliability tests are required to drive the host brake. Only through this experiment can the installation be performed.

    Double protection Three-step detection

    If the brake fails, the elevator loses control. Who will protect the safety at this time? Ye Lizhong told reporters that once the elevator's speed exceeds the preset speed, the safety pliers in the elevator can provide protection.

    "This device is mainly used to stop the elevator when there is a problem, to prevent the elevator from running at an excessive speed." Ye Lizhong said that when necessary, the safety gear can keep the elevator car completely stationary, and at the same time guarantee the safety of the elevator passengers. The whole elevator has a protective effect. “The safety pliers experiment is to verify its safety and reliability. Each safety pliers of this kind of experiment needs to be carried out fifteen times.” Once the safety pliers also fail, the elevator has the last line of defense. : Buffer, which allows the elevator to fall slowly, without suddenly dropping from the highest to the lowest.

    “After the type experiment, mass production can be carried out. After the installation of the elevator is completed, supervision and inspection of the newly installed ladders are required. Finally, regular maintenance of the elevators is also used.” Ye Lizhong stated that after these three-step inspection and maintenance, it can guarantee Safe use of elevators. At the same time, he also reminded that once an accident occurs in an elevator, we must never carry out actions such as knocking on the door or knocking on the door. We can call the police in time to ensure our safety.

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