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The elevator is safe in the end

Dec 04, 2018

Elevator crashes, trapped people and occasional accidents have occurred, causing some passengers to gradually form the wrong impression that “elevator is equal to danger”. In fact, since the advent of the elevator, the elevator has developed a comprehensive passenger protection system to ensure the safety of passengers on the ladder. Take the phenomenon of “elevator fall” that everyone is most worried about. This is generally not the case, because the elevator itself has a complete safety protection system. In the event of an accident, the various safety components of the elevator will function one by one to form a layer of protection, so that the elevator can be in a safe state. In fact, the saying that "the elevator falls" is itself a misperception of the passengers who do not understand the operating principle of the elevator. Under the premise of normal maintenance, this "falling feeling" is actually the expression of the "automatic addressing" function of the elevator. When the elevator can't find the signal during the operation, when the "lost" or "floor not found" occurs, the elevator will slowly ascend or descend through "automatic addressing", and the elevator will run to the base station to correct the floor count.

Then is the elevator likely to have a real car fall? In fact, elevators are generally towed by at least five steel wires or steel strips. It is possible to cause the car to fall when all five pieces are broken at one time. However, the probability of all five wire ropes breaking at one time is extremely low. In 2001, it occurred in the United States. In the 9/11 terrorist attack, the terrorist plane that hit the Twin Towers cut off all the ropes of an elevator in the building (the inside was a wire rope), causing all the passengers to be killed, and the probability of such incidents was extremely low. In addition, modern elevators are equipped with safety devices such as safety tongs and speed limiters, which can act as a brake when the elevator control fails or the traction is insufficient, so that the elevator can be stopped instantaneously to avoid accidents. At the same time, the bottom of the elevator shaft is also equipped with a shock absorber to absorb the impact force when the car is falling to ensure passenger safety.

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