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The elevator is out of control. Will it fall to the end?

Jan 24, 2019

The plot of the elevator falling out of control has appeared in many film and television works, but the shock time of Xiaobian in the past few days is also a little similar. Fortunately, the elevator finally stops when it falls to the 3rd floor. I can imagine that once the elevator falls directly to the ground, the people in the elevator must be killed or injured! But the elevator is out of control, will it really fall to the end?


     Xiaobian sees Weibo users spit out: The community where I live often has power outages, scared that he often does not dare to take the elevator out. Then, if a person suddenly takes a power outage while sitting in the elevator, will the elevator fall out of control?


     The answer is: no! The brake of the elevator is set to lose power brake. In the event of power failure, the brake will be locked under the action of the spring, so the elevator will stop immediately in the event of power failure and will not fall.

According to reports, the elevator is lifted by the motor traction wire rope, then if the wire rope breaks, will the elevator fall?

The answer is: no! The elevator is generally pulled up by 4-8 wire ropes with a diameter of 12 mm, that is, one wire rope breaks, and the other wire ropes can firmly hold the elevator.


      In fact, the safety devices of the elevators are not limited to these. Each elevator will be equipped with a speed limiter and a safety gear. When the elevator exceeds the rated speed, the speed limiter and the safety gear will function, like the door bolt is inserted into the door control. The compartment is firmly fixed; secondly, there is a hydraulic shock absorber at the bottom of the elevator, which also ensures that the impact of the elevator is greatly reduced when the elevator is lowered.

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