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The elevator can take up to 10 people. You are the 10th... and finally you have the final answer

May 22, 2018

This is a "FBI Special Criminal Group" recruitment test. This group is devoted to dealing with those vicious and perverted criminals who are extremely vicious—these people are the best people! This requires that law-enforcers not only have extraordinary logic, but also need to have more perverted and more extraordinary imagination than they can understand their thinking and behavioral patterns and deal with them. Occasionally, I searched the Internet today and found out that I was already online. However, none of those answers are correct. It is said that the normal population can answer only one ten-thousandth chance of this problem. Test to see if you are not enough "logical power", enough "imaginative" enough, not enough "perverted" right?

Topic: Please carefully look at the problem ten times before answering! And verbatim! The elevator can take up to 10 people. You are the 10th. When you enter the elevator, you are overweight. You have to get out of the elevator. After the elevator door is closed, you think of a terrible thing and immediately call the police. Excuse me, how is it?

Tip: Before answering, please read these tips carefully three times!

Tip 1: At the time of summer, 9 people in the elevator had men and women, no pregnant women, no fat, no pets. No one wears thick clothes. There are no Tibetans under skirts.

Tip 2: The elevator is not bad. There are no dead bodies at the top bottom. 9 people did not share food. There is no mirror inside the elevator. The person who came in was not an elevator repairman nor a murderer. There are no faces in advertising. No ghosts, no supernatural power.

Tip 3: No one carries a wreckable wrap such as a trolley case.

Tip 4: Do not go to web search. All answers on the web are wrong.

Tip 5: Please read the question more carefully, the answer is hidden in the title. There are no other assumptions and settings. There are no other prerequisites. The answer is hidden in the topic. All the information has already been presented. The answer lies within the title. Please read it several times and consider it verbatim. You need superior logic and imagination to discover the answer!

Tip 6: Be logical and have imagination. The answer to this question requires: Super Logic + Super Imagination.

Tip 7: The answer is absolutely horrible, absolutely abnormal! It's definitely not what ordinary thinking can think of! Let your metamorphosis imagination burn!

Tip 8: This question has a unique standard answer. No brain teasers, no wits. The answer is unique and standard. In the end I will announce it. The answer is definitely outside of the common sense and reasonable. After hard thinking and getting the answer, you will absolutely realize that it is as cool as taking morphine!

Tip 9: Please do not think in the complex. The answer is simple. Just put in the topic. The answer is one sentence. This sentence is absolutely shock + stimulation + extraordinary + horror + metamorphosis!

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