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The elevator also has black box where the chip can go online!

Feb 19, 2019

Many people may not know that the elevator also has a "black box", which is mainly used to monitor the safe running state of the elevator. For example, if an elevator is abnormal or closed, the alarm information will be sent to the monitoring background for the first time. It also has a function. Used to access the Internet. This "secret" was inadvertently cracked by two elevator installers. The two stolen the chips that monitored the elevators and went online, resulting in a cost of more than 17,000 yuan.

      Stealing elevator card online

  Kongmou and Zhang are employees of an elevator installation company. In August 2013, Kongmou accidentally found a small box on the top of the car when installing a certain elevator in the community. There is a card like a mobile phone card inside. What is the use, Kong Mo quietly took it away.

  After returning home from work, Kongmou inserted the card into the mobile phone and found that he could not make a call, but could access the Internet. Therefore, Kongmou took this card for himself, used to chat QQ, watch movies, etc.

  After Zhang learned, he also took out the SIM card in the elevator car he was responsible for installing and used it for stealing the SIM card for friends.

    A total of tens of thousands of fees

  In October 2013, the card used by Kong had already incurred a fee of more than 5,500 yuan. The card used by Zhang also generated a fee of more than 5,500 yuan, and the card for a friend generated a fee of more than 6,100 yuan.

  The huge amount of Internet access generated by several SIM cards caused the attention of a technology company that monitors the operation of the elevator and reported the case.

  At present, the court sentenced the two people to theft in the first instance. They were sentenced to one year in prison and suspended for one year and fined 5,000 yuan. Both of them said they did not appeal and the judgment has taken effect.


      Expert Secrets"

      The elevator lost the card is extremely dangerous

      What is the use of a SIM card with the size of a mobile phone card? Yesterday, Mr. Chen, an engineer of the Chongqing branch of an elevator company in Shanghai, made a secret.

  Mr. Chen said that the small box on the top of the elevator car is like the "black box" of the aircraft. It is called the "black box" of the elevator. It is to monitor the safe running state of the elevator. For example, when the person is shut down and the elevator is in an abnormal situation, it will be issued for the first time. The alarm information enables the monitoring background to discover the safety hazards of the elevator and process it in time.

  Mr. Chen said that if the SIM card in the small box is taken away, once the elevator has a safety hazard, the monitoring background will not be able to get accurate information and process it in time. The elevator does not have a “black box” and will be in a state of safety hazard at all times. Big.

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