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The danger of the elevator at all times, everyone must pay attention

Dec 19, 2018

There are many communities now, and there is an elevator for each unit of the building. Do you know that this action is very good or that 90% of people have done it! ! Many people taking the elevator take the elevator, the elevator door is closed, the person has not entered, so consciously take out one hand and one foot to stop the elevator, intend to close

The anti-pinch device at the elevator door also has a certain blind zone. When the door is closed to 2/3, the blind zone is formed. It is basically useless to hold the elevator door with your hand or foot. A man just entered the elevator and saw someone outside to enter the elevator. He subconsciously extended a hand to block the elevator. As a result, not only did he not block the elevator door, but his hand was also pinched off by the elevator.

Pets involved in the elevator

Friends who bring pets to the elevator should also pay attention. Pet ropes should not fall as far as possible. Once the pet rope falls outside, the pet and the rope are in danger of getting stuck in the elevator.

Pets are not so easy to understand, because people can observe the surrounding conditions, so pets can cause many elevator accidents. Pay special attention to your pet when you bring your pet to the elevator. Don't let pets run around.

Child finger is clipped

In addition to pets, parents should be careful when taking their children in the elevator. A mother took her daughter to the elevator, her mother was playing with a mobile phone, her daughter was playing in the elevator, and her hand was caught by the elevator that was about to open.

When my mother found out that her child's hand was caught, she tried to pull it out, but she couldn't pull it out. It was really distressing.

So remind you, when you take the elevator, I waited for three minutes, do not grab a second, friends with children and pets must look after the pets and children around!

There are many dangerous behaviors in life,

If you don't pay attention, the consequences will be very serious.

Everyone must be careful

Wearing a long scarf

The weather has become colder and colder, and scarves have become a must-have artifact for people to keep warm, but what is unexpected is that the scarf used to keep warm is almost a deadly weapon. Those who wear scarves must pay attention!

Hebei Handan, 10-year-old girl sitting in her mother's electric car, because of the scarf into the electric wheel, eventually led to the girl's cervical spine fracture, body convulsions.

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