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The advantages and disadvantages of elevator and multi-storey residential buildings

Feb 20, 2017

There are advantages and disadvantages of multi-storey residential and elevator room, the following is the advantages and disadvantages of the analysis.

Multi storey residential advantage lies in:

1、There is no elevator shaft, the corridor is short,so public area is small,house getting ratio is low.

2、North and South penetrate, No need to consider the North elevator shaft, each of the north and south of the house penetrate.

Disadvantage lies in:

1、no elevator is not convenient, mainly embody family has the old people.

2、the high cost of decoration, no elevator, decoration and handling costs increased.

The advantages and disadvantages of the elevator room is oppsite.

Note: multi-storey residential refers to the four to the six floor by the top or bottom of the house of more than two units of the housing. Multi storey residential buildings may not be installed elevator, the stairs are often used as the main multi-storey residential up -downstairs access.