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Talking about the standardization of the elevator installation process

Dec 18, 2018

These days, I have been accompanying the inspectors to inspect the elevators. It is more exciting to have a young man in the installation team during the inspection process today. What is the reason for the excitement? It was because the special inspectors praised him, and another reason was to criticize his master while commending him. The elevator on this site is relatively large, and he contracted the elevator installation from his master. It is reasonable to say that his master's technique is better than him. Why does the special inspector praise him and criticize his master?


This young man knows little about the elevator inspection standards, so he often reworkes during the work. But I can work harder when I work. I think he is quite good. I will tell him some acceptance criteria every time he goes to his installation site. For example, the verticality error of the door machine is ≤1mm, the gap between the door leaf and the door cover should be 4~6mm, and the two small blocks distributed by the factory under the counterweight frame are installed, and the buffer base is installed. and many more. Because he didn't understand, I paid more attention to the things I told him. Not only did it say well, but it was put into action. And his master has been installed for ten years, and these standards are memorable. Based on his understanding of the elevator and his experience in other places, he believes that there will be no problems if some things are not installed or not in place, and the special inspection office will not check these things. However, he did not think that the inspections of special inspection personnel in some places were relatively fine, and the factory inspections would certainly check these contents. Therefore, it happened that the apprentice was praised and the master was criticized. Experience is important, but sometimes empiricism can kill people. In particular, it has relaxed the vigilance and separated from the experience of national standards and norms.


Then extend it again, why are many installation teams installing elevators not following the standard specifications? First, I don't understand. This is mainly due to the new installation team members, because the installation time is short, no one teaches and so on. The second is that it doesn't matter. This is mainly due to the installation of the captain and the old installer. The reason has already been mentioned. The third is to save time and install elevators. Not following the rules, it seems to save a little time, but it is not. The above three items will have adverse consequences for the installation of the elevator, such as rework during the installation process. As we all know, the elevators have many processes to rework and spend more time and energy than new installations. For example, if the official inspection or factory inspection fails, it needs to be rectified, affecting the issuance of certificates and settlement installation fees. If the installer can keep the national standard in mind, it will be done according to the specifications during the installation process. Practice makes perfect, when the norm becomes a habit, effectively avoiding the problems of rework, rectification, etc., can really save time. Not only does the installation take less time, but the installation quality is good. Only the installation quality is good, the installation fee can be increased, and a virtuous cycle of high efficiency and high output can be formed.

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