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Summer children's Elevator Cry has been staged repeatedly, and safety awareness is weak.

Aug 06, 2018

                      Parents push the stroller directly onto the escalator, ignoring safety hazards.

    A few days ago, CCTV News reported that the escalator of a supermarket in Anhui Ningguo was running, the entire step suddenly collapsed and tilted to produce crush deformation. After investigation, this was caused by a key stuck in the elevator guide rail; at 10:00 on July 29, Shandong A four-year-old girl on the elevator of a shopping mall in Heze County, a four-year-old girl, stuck in the elevator. Many escalator accidents caused people to pay attention to the safety of the elevator. Nowadays, it is just summer vacation. It is uncomfortable for children to take frequent accidents in elevators. Why do children have frequent accidents when they take the elevator? The reporter launched an investigation into this.

Case article

The reporters found that it was not uncommon for a summer child to have an accident when riding an elevator.

Children take the elevator

On November 14 last year, a two-year-old child from Jiangxi followed his family to a supermarket in Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. He walked up the descending escalator and accidentally fell and was pinched.

On the evening of July 7 this year, a three-year-old child was caught in the elevator at the Xinglixiong Square in Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong. After the 40-minute rescue of the police and firefighting, the child was successfully rescued.

At 10 o'clock on July 15th, a one-year-old girl in the shopping mall in Beijing staggered and fell down the elevator in the downside. Three fingers in the left hand and two fingers in the right hand were broken. The surgical results in the hospital were not satisfactory, and the final identification was completed. It is a seven-level disability.

At 18:00 on July 23, a two-year-old boy "bited" his arm at the escalator in Xiayu Comprehensive Market, Qinggang Town, Yuhuan City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.

At 10 o'clock on July 29, a 4-year-old girl in a single county in Heze County, Shandong Province, broke free from the mother's hands and fell on the running elevator. The left foot was stuck in the elevator.



When taking the escalator, the parents lifted the child to the top of the head; the parents held the child with one hand and the other with the cart; the children did not care for the adults, and they went up and down in the elevator... In the past few days, the reporters were in the mall in the downtown area. In the supermarket, it is very common to have hidden hidden dangers. It is reported that from January 1, 2014, the "Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" was officially implemented, which stipulates that "children must be accompanied by an adult to take care of the elevator."

The child is playing alone on the escalator

During the visit, the reporter saw that many children were playing alone on the escalator, and many children were chasing on the escalator.

At 10 o'clock on July 31, at the Wanda Plaza in Puxi, the reporter saw a little girl walking down the escalator alone, holding a balloon in his hand, and the little girl threw the balloon into the air and caught it. Watching the balloon throw away and step down the escalator, the little girl chased the balloon with a few steps. Fortunately, there was an aunt in front to stop and give the balloon to the girl.

Subsequently, two young boys competed for a bottle of drink and chased on the escalator. During the process of grabbing the drink, the little boy almost fell.

Parents only look at the phone, do not look after the child

Sometimes, even though the child is taking the elevator under the care of the parents, dangerous pictures still occur frequently.

At 19 o'clock on August 1, at the Taihe Square in Donghai, a four-and-five-year-old girl and grandfather came to the elevator. The grandfather met an acquaintance and stopped to chat. The little girl went straight down the escalator, but fortunately was taken by others. Hold on." Another pair of fathers and sons on the escalator, the parents' eyes have always stayed on the screen of the mobile phone, and the children jumped on the elevator from their own feet. When they approached the escalator, the children picked up and almost fell.

Regardless of the ban, the stroller goes directly to the escalator.

When taking the elevator, there are usually precautions for taking the escalator at the entrance. One of the regulations is: "Do not push the stroller and trolley to the escalator. Do not use the escalator when carrying large luggage." However, during the reporter's visit, many parents were pushed to push the "car" up and down the escalator.

At 11 o'clock on August 1, the reporter saw a dangerous scene at the Wanda Plaza in Puxi. A mother came to the mall with a child riding a children's tricycle. When she reached the escalator, her mother did not let the child get off the bus. Instead, she grabbed the child's arm and went to the escalator regardless of the location. The reporter saw the child holding the handlebar in one hand, one hand on his stomach, crying and being pulled by his mother. For children's bicycles, the front wheels are on the upper step, and the last two rounds are next to the next step. The children and the car are slanting upwards. Mom didn't feel the danger, just pulling the child's left arm.


In the summer vacation in recent years, "Elevator Cry" was successively staged throughout the country, and many children were "bitten" when they took the elevator. So why are the majority of “victims” children?

Parental supervision is not in place

A number of experts said that the main reason for the elevator "biting" incidents, as well as the parents' safety awareness is relatively weak. The relevant person in charge of a large shopping mall in the city said that their staff saw that children would stop when they were playing in the elevator, but sometimes they could not prevent them. Many parents were too careless and their guardianship was not in place.

It is reported that for the "children take the elevator to have an adult to accompany the care", every hand-held elevator in the mall is affixed with relevant safety tips: "The child must be tightened", "the foot must leave the edge of the ladder, standing on the yellow border "Inside", "prohibition of pushing the wheelchair", "Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult when riding an escalator"... However, the reporter visited and found that many parents did not notice the safety tips and did not care for the children as required.

Manager Wang, who is engaged in the operation of special equipment, believes that the improper use of elevators is also manifested in improper emergency handling. For example, the red emergency stop button is provided at the upper and lower exits of the escalator, but the child is caught in the entrance, but no one has pressed this button. “The vast majority of people lack knowledge of elevator safety and it is necessary to strengthen education in this area.”

The administrator is not assigned an administrator

In addition to the inability of parental supervision, the management of the elevator management is not one of the reasons for the accident.

During the interview, the staff of several large supermarkets said that there are relevant safety measures at each elevator to remind the children and the elderly to take the elevator accompanied by the family. For example, in the Tesco supermarket escalator at Puxi Wanda Plaza, there are small broadcast loops to broadcast safety instructions. However, during the visit, it is difficult to see that there are dedicated staff members who are on duty around the public elevators.

“Public elevators are basically unattended, and of course they cannot be dealt with in time after an accident.” Mr. Xu believes that as the elevator management party, the corresponding preventive measures should be improved, such as arranging security personnel at each elevator and responding to the accidents in time. At the same time, you can also eliminate potential security risks in the first time.

"Some special equipment use units and business owners have no targeted measures on how to do a good job in safety production. The guarantees for institutions, personnel, and funds are not in place. Some enterprises specialize in equipment mobility, and their business quality and operational skills are not high. The level of self-regulation is low.” Manager Wang said frankly that many property management companies believe that as long as they have signed contracts with elevator production and maintenance companies, everything will be fine. In fact, signing a contract does not mean transferring responsibility for safety. The elevator has a safety incident and the property management is equally responsible. Correspondingly, some property management parties did not even have the elevator manager position, but the security management who did not understand the elevator technology.

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