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Suitable for hotels, shopping malls, airports, residential elevators.

Feb 20, 2017

1. Name of product passenger elevator

2. Information of product


Brand name:

Marohn-Thyssenkrupp elevator

Model number

MEH high-speed passenger elevator

Manufacture standard


Place of origin



3. Main technical parameter

Product name

passenger elevator



speed range


capacity range


maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



flexible decoration series

applicable place

Office buildinghigh-rise building,over high-rise building residence

Center door opening


4. Product introduction

Development of high-rise buildings under the mega trend of china urbanization


The rapid development of China's modernization and urbanization requires more use area in metropolitan limited urban area. The overall height of the city continues to improve, which provides conditions for the emergence of more high-rise and high-rise buildings. Such buildings can save urban landreduce municipal investmentaccelerate urban construction. At the same time more high-rise buildings as a landmark have also been given a symbol of development mental and got great attention.


With the development and maturity of the concept of urban development, HOPSCA buildings combined with the middle-rise buildinghigh-rise buildings and middle and high-rise buildings are replacing the "skyscraper complex" and increasingly become the trend.

Planners and designers from the point of view of city designing pursue the greatnesssynchronicallyeffectively control the shapeheight and make it high and low and scattered so that can achieve effective fusion effect with the city surrounding real environment. This kind of city comprehensive super building with super mass will become new business card for the city's future.

MEH high-speed passenger elevator

        MEH high-speed passenger elevator is designed especially for high -rise buildings in the HOPSCA to meet the high-end hotelshigh-end commercial buildings and high-end residential needs at the same time to consider the shopping centers in the HOPSCA and business style of eating drinking place to be consistent with high-techhigh intelligenceenergy saving and environmental protection function and configuration and ultimately provides cost-effective ideal solution.


maximum rise height200200m

maximum storey/stop No64层站storey/stop

maximum group control No8sets