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Sightseeing lift

Dec 29, 2016

Sightseeing lift glass envelope

1, and architecture, integrated with the surrounding environment, not only becomes part of the building and added a moving beautiful scenery.

2, sightseeing elevator FRP structures not only perfect example of compact spaces, and overall appearance. Also according to different civil design, convenient, generally circular, semi-circular, and square.

3, a smooth comfortable ride feel, multiple angle ladder landscape, with to the user a is an enjoyment, a novelty.

4, are widely used in all kinds of public and private buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and tourist attractions, such as high-end housing. Sightseeing lift development, design and construction process, the main products are: lift steel shaft sightseeing elevators, point-glass curtain wall curtain walls cover housing, escalators, and related elevator accessories and decoration services. Industries involved in major hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government administrative complex, exhibition gallery, subway entrances, schools, private villas and other lines.